News TNA Impact Wrestling Officially Moving To Wednesdays

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Prince Bálor, May 15, 2015.

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  2. Not that great to keep switching time slots. At least Wed is a better day than Friday, I assume?
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  3. [​IMG]
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  4. Shocker. What is this, like the 8th time slot move since 2010?
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  5. For those that aren't that TV savvy: When a show gets moved around in the time slots it generally means that it doesn't draw as well as the network wants and they are trying to find a way to make it do just that.
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  6. So put it on a day where two other wrestling programs air? Smart move.
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  7. I thought Impact was above the DA average rating.
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  8. They moved it from a shit day to Wednesdays, apparently an hour after Lucha Underground is on.
  9. They've still been on a constant decline since debuting. DA expected TNA's 1.3 million fans or whatever they had on spike to follow. Obviously they did not since Impact barely broke 400k viewers with the east and west coast showings combined recently.

    And ratings are only part of the problem. Advertising value is the other. RAW might not have the best ratings compared to it's glory days either, but advertising time during RAW is still worth a lot of money. I do not think it is the same to advertise during impact.
  10. Makes sense, I guess.
  11. Another factor worth thinking about (if we want to go that far) is the relationship between the people in charge of TNA and the people in charge of DA.
    WCW was still drawing about 2.3 million viewers when they got canceled, and part of that was because the power people in WCW didn't get on with the network.
  12. Friday is a horrible night for wrestling anyhow. Most people are out on Friday nights. Though not sure how good Wednesday will be for them.
  13. Loved last year when Impact was on Wednesdays and really thought it was cool. Friday nights are just awful and to watch a wrestling show on Friday night? No thanks.

    Hopefully this improves their ratings a bitč

    Wednesdays - Lucha at 8pm, Impact at 9pm. Now that's awesome.
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  14. Again: What did they expect?

    I can see a channel with the same reach as Spike expecting the same 1.1 million viewers, but this Discovery America channel nobody's ever heard of? It's really a surprise that they are able to draw what they are. Did they really expect people to buy extra cable packages to watch Impact? Lol, no. WatchWrestling. And fans, especially now, can live without Impact.

    Not to mention the common theme of clueless TV execs thinking they know wrestling when they don't (again, TV execs aren't the problem, ask Lucha Underground, it's stupid people). Wasn't it the Network's call to put the belt on Kurt Angle? Fail.

    Suppose the reasoning behind bringing Impact in has been to bring in the southern demo to watch Impact, then check out their other LQ programming. I'm sure that hasn't been the case either.

    As for the ad revenue? Again, what did they expect? That's a big part of why other stations didn't want them in. Even though Impact draws 1.1 million viewers, there wasn't any growth, and the core wrestling fans that do watch Impact are well-known to not spend much money. Shoot you're drawing from a demographic that - when they were looking for a TV deal - wouldn't spend 10 bucks a month on WWE PPV's, and they have lots of kids/parents watching.
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  15. Or the sponsors they can/want to get don't want to pay the money to end up on whatever channel they are on.

    ROH for example have a couple of regular sponsors or hilarious variety (Super beta prostate, a leg brace through a medicare program and a phone dating line) which give them a fair deal of money (and we get wrestlers cutting hammy promos about prostate exams) in return. But they are on free TV channels so I'd assume the ad renting price is cheaper than on channels that cost more to get.
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  16. That and looking into ROH's TV deal, it's a lot more likely that one of the sports fans they'd love to get would spend money on getting NESN than Discovery America. (also ROH is targeting a certain demo) Looking into DirecTV's sports pack there's a whole bunch of interesting channels on it.

    also when looking it up saw it's Destination America, not Discovery America. five months later and I still don't know the name of the damn channel, no wonder those sponsors don't want to be on it
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  17. Wednesday night is best for business, who the fuck watches on Friday nights? Nah pass. I'll probably give Lucha a 2nd chance when this changes over.
  18. Yeah this move is a fail :lol1:

    but that show doesn't have Taryn :why:
  19. Why is it a fail? I mean i'll watch both, Taryn is great, Roode and A double tag teaming? That's already more interesting than WWE's current shit.
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