TNA Impact Wrestling Results for Oct. 29, 2014

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  1. MVP and Kenny King cut a promo about a tag team tournament to crown new #1 contenders. They then lost to Samoa Joe and Low Ki in a long match.

    Bram cuts a promo on Abyss and Devon. He calls out Magnus and they reunite. Devon comes out and brings Tommy Dreamer with him. A brawl breaks out and Dreamer stands tall with Devon.

    The Hardys defeated Ethan Carter III and Tyrus, the former Brodus Clay.

    Angelina Love and Velvet Sky defeated Madison Rayne and Taryn Terrell when Madison turned on Taryn. Rayne also went for Angelina and Velvet.

    James Storm, Manik and The Great Sanada come out for a segment. Storm says a storm is coming and calls out Davey Richards. Storm offers Richards a spot in his group. Eddie Edwards comes down and tries to talk Davey out of it.

    James Storm vs. Eddie Edwards ends with Storm winning after The Wolves were arguing.

    Bobby Roode defeated Bobby Lashley to win the World Heavyweight Title. Kurt Angle was special referee.
  2. any thoughts? likes or dislikes
  3. Sounds like a decent/good episode, even if Roode/Lashley didn't happen at BFG and is instead on TV at a crappy time like this. No Rockstar Spud though?
  4. i know im shocked too even not seeing havok fight is sad:((
  5. Seems like a decent episode, I'll be watching either tomorrow or the day after that, whenever it gets uploaded...
  6. He was over doing British Bootcamp 2- probably around this time, which is why Gail was 'injured' also
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  7. Madison turned on Taryn watch Madison will go after havok next
  8. Jessicka Havok
  9. Oh, weird that they decided to do the whole Spud feuds with EC3 thing only to do this, unless Spud's coming back really soon (isn't British Bootcamp only meant to have the auditions and then a UK finals before going to the US?).
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    All of the UK stuff is recorded already, not entirely sure about the US stuff.

    Edit: They've done the US stuff- they have a winner picked already.
  11. Sounds like a good Impact but I probably won't be watching it during first airing, will probably catch it this weekend via online stream.
  12. can u make me a poll rating for tonights impact for me please
  13. Anyone can make a poll, you just gotta do it when you create a new topic, it will be on the bottom of the creating page, you'll see just scroll down when you create a new thread.
  14. I don't see how the last match cannot make this impact a must see. Needs more x-division though.
  15. Awesome episode! Dat Main Event :woohoo:
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  16. I loved the main event and tonight's episode of smack dowm is going to be Awesome even the diva's match
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    Just done watching this... Good episode! 7/10

    - Low Ki/Joe vs MVP/King was a good match.
    - Skipped the Knockouts segment
    - Magnus/Bram vs Dreamer/Devon should've happened this week. But, oh well...
    - The Hardys vs EC3/Tyrus was decent, but a bit short.
    - Good Storm's promo. His match against Edwards was good, still a bit short, but definitely served its purpose. I guess it's clear now, Davey Richards will join the Storm's 'Revolution'. Cool!
    - Absolutely loved how JB announced the main event. Very old school.
    - Roode vs Lashley was an awesome main event! I already knew it, but Roode winning the TNA WHC is always cool!

    Really looking forward to next week's episode. It's bound to be good!
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