TNA Impact Wrestling - September 19th 2013 - Live Discussion

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    -Thursday, September 19th at 9 P.M Eastern Time/8 Central​
    -Last week, Mr.Anderson showed his true colors as he didn't want to be a puppet for Bully Ray no more, and he nearly defeated Ray for the TNA World Title, but came up short.Both men gave it their all, but Anderson took a beating after the match, and even Tazz thought it was out of out line.What's the future for Aces and Eights, and Bully Ray now that they lost their VP, and considering he's going to be defending his TNA World Title at Bound for Glory, it would smart of him to get his troops ready for way coming up.​
    -TNA displayed four great athletes wanting to get a shot at the TNA World Title, all wanting to reach the top of the mountain.Their was only one winner though, and his name is A.J Styles.Styles defeated Magnus in the finals in the Bound for Glory Series, giving him what he wanted for so long, a World title shot! Now after the match was over, AJ said some comments to Dixie Carter and TNA itself, what his plan he has in his mind right now, as he's getting closer to his dream of becoming a World Champion again?​
    -For the first time ever we are going to see Manik, the current TNA X-Division Champion take on "The Charismatic Enigma" Jeff Hardy! Manik wanted to take his career to the next level, well you got it son, be careful what you wished for, you just might get it.Which of these two high flyers will be standing tall after their bout on Impact this Thursday?​
    -Let's not forget about the Knockouts Division, and they get to shine this week when Mickie James, the current Knockouts Champion, will have to defend her title against ODB.Will Mickie knock down another wall in ODB, of will ODB's momentum lately carry her for the win?​
    -Lastly, Gunner and Storm gave an open challenge to any tag team in the back, and out of all teams to come out, it was Super Mex and Chavo.This week they get their chance to prove they deserve a World Tag Title shot, if they can beat Gunner and Storm, can they do it?​

  2. Manik vs. Hardy should be dope.

    Hopefully St. Louis crowd continues to be great on this show too.
  3. Should be quite good, hopefully the crowd is up for this one.

    I can see Manik vs Hardy developing into a big X-Division feud for the BFG ppv, maybe throw in King and/or Dutt and it'll be so much better. Too bad the tag team division is at an all time low. What happened to great teams like Motor City Machine Guns, Generation Me/Young Bucks, Bad Influence, Roode & Aries?! Hopefully they can get more teams in, because right now we have Storm & Gunner, Team Mexico and the Bro Mans. They're all shit.
  4. ^CFCrusader, man, it's a shame how all the divisions are right now. They can bring in some indy guys on pay-per's to restock the X-Division (holy cow Manik and Hardy!). Figure BI will stay together so that's one good team, but even with them hope Eric Young and Joseph Park get the BFG shot. There isn't anyone else, but with the stronger characters it's easier to throw a couple of guys together who make sense to be together... shame there's 2 teams facing off who feel like random pairings.
    Happy Chavo's getting a title shot, because it makes Storm and Gunner look soooooooo much better by comparison.
    They desperately need new Knockouts.
  5. Yeah, agreed. I'd like to see them get someone like Alex Shelley back in the X-Division, we know how good he is and he'll be a fresh face. I hope BI stay together, they're entertaining - but I think that they'll be with Roode for a while. EY and Park should get the BFG shot indeed, unless they somehow get a good team (Gen Me plz) in before the "deadline" by which it'll just look so rushed. Yeah, I mean the only other team is Bro Mans. And they're meant to be the jobber team. They're like the 3 Man Band of TNA. xD

    They do, I'm just surprised they screwed up Gut Check so hard. They could have used the old format where one wrestler competes for one spot, so Ivelisse should have been signed. Speaking of Gut Check, the fact that they released guys like Matt Morgan, Joey Ryan, Christian York sucks. All 3 of them could've been used at least to make some of the struggling guys look better, to help get their characters over. Oh, and Morgan and Ryan were quite a decent team that made sense + they would've been good tag team champs.
  6. Just a heads up, I probably won't be in the LD tomorrow night, Eagles vs Chiefs..and I never use my Laptop if theirs a game that night.So I hope you guys hold down the LD tomorrow. I wonder what A.J might say to Dixie, I have a feeling that he's going to say you gave contracts and keep older geezers here, and forgot about the guys who brought to the dance, ala Styles, Joe etc.Now the only spoiler I know for this show, doesn't involve this, but I wonder if Dixie to cry in the corner for AJ to stay forever with them, or will she say, suck it up, your going to get a title shot, move on?
  7. Forgot this was taped for a minute there. I might swing in but im betting its 2-3 members max (like the last month+ outside of last week, i think we had 5)
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  12. Not working till 11 I'm in.
  13. Hardy vs the X Div champ... We know Manik will win because Manik is CHAMPION and Hardy may be pushed again when his contract is about to expire.
  14. Hardy probably goes over via Swanton just to fuck logic.
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