TNA Impact Wrestling - September 5th 2013 - Live Discussion

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  1. [​IMG]
    -Thursday, September 5th at 9 P.M Eastern Time/8 Central​
    -Cleveland, OH​
    What to Expect​
    -Well last week, Bully Ray and Aces and Eight felt the wrath of Hulkamania, with his full power and Bully Ray's punishment for his actions this coming Impact is having to face, the leader of the Main Event Mafia Sting.Will Bully Ray be able to handle the Icon Sting, or will either of these men need assistance from their brothers to decide the outcome of the match? Also not only did Hogan make a match with Bully Ray vs Sting, he also told Bully Ray, he will have to to defend his Championship against one of his own, of Aces and Eights at No Surrender! Will any of the Aces and Eights member want a shot at Bully Ray, or will they stay in line, and not cause friction within the group?​
    -Hulk Hogan also announced a Last Chance Gauntlet with all 12 competitors within the Bound for Glory Series. Their will be 20 points on the line and if the winner is lucky, he will be able to break the glass ceiling and be able to get one of the final four spots in the rankings of the BFGS.​
    -After his loss to Bully Ray a few weeks ago, Chris Sabin returns to the Impact Zone, and he's in action.What will Chris Sabin do or say to the Impact fans, about his plans for the future in the coming weeks?​
    -Apparently Mickie James has a special performance in line for Impact this week, what could it be? Could be a strip tease, a Bikini Contest, a game of hide and go seek? It could be anything but the safe bet, ODB tries to to crash the party, as a number one contender can only do.​

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  2. Nothing interesting so far, Shall watch the next day.
  3. Chris Sabin faces Knux on the show.
  4. James Storm and Gunner are also in action this week.
  5. Yeah. Update this :please:
  6. Bobby Roode is like my hero.
  7. Was a taped event, i might be around but i doubt it.
  8. [​IMG]

    Oh yeah it's time for Impact!
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  9. It could come down to AJ and Joe in the end?
  10. Hey dudes,this LD gonna be live?
  11. Aces and Eights to start off the show, anyone think Ray will try to bitch to get Brooke a title shot against Mickie in the coming months?
  12. Great ending to the show, the best Anderson in months.
  13. I'm not sure, I think AJ eliminated himself on his first spot on the battle royal.
  14. Will throw my weekly review thing nobody reads in here, because I'm seeing if a writing career could possibly have legs bored and don't have a damn thing else to do.

    Show Spoiler

    Don't know if I was in a good mood, or just had low expectations, or what, but wasn't nearly as upset this week.

    This was one of those rare occasions when reading the spoilers helped, because after they announced the Aces of Eights would have 4 matches on this card, I probably would have ragequit the show... maybe. Bully opened the show up with "SHUT IT OFF" and then "Without you guys, there would be no me", both of which made me laugh hysterically for completely different reasons. They tried to fix the Bully/Anderson bromance and set up a theme for the night. Plus Hogan didn't appear so it was a good segment based on that alone.

    Then we get into..... uggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhh why. Why... Why do you do this to me TNA? Why is Chris Sabin using a hammer right in front of the ref? Why? Are you kidding me? What was the meaning of this? Yeah they were telling the story of the scrubs getting the job done when Anderson couldn't, but... You couldn't think of anything better than this? Knux did a lot better than I expected - not anything great but not horrible either - but Sabin just isn't fit to go against heavyweights anymore. The old Sabin was great at it, but the new, more technical, doesn't want to fuck his knees up Sabin just doesn't give good performances against bigger guys. I am intrigued by this pairing of him and Velvet, mainly because it's something new and could possibly keep him in the title picture for mixed tags. Still... Why.

    Hey, look, here's Mickie coming out to be hilariously silly when talking really fast about a bunch of irrelevant stuff! Funny segment made only better by ODB ripping her top off. Thanks for that one! :emoji_slight_smile:

    I rip WWE's booking a lot, but one thing they certainly do well is battle royals. TNA, not so much, but they're great at making stuff meaningful. Reference Jay Bradley. Really cool to see him get a story like that, and wonder if that's going to be a storyline. This was fun, action packed, some great spots. Shame we got a vintage Tenay undersell on the Bradley thing, sick bump from Aries. It lacked any real drama (mainly because you knew who was winning this, hence all the Jay Bradley talk), but other than that the only real complaint was the way they sold the final 2 + how short that sequence lasted. AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels. Tenay was putting over their history, but the better angle would have been to put over how Daniels has made AJ's life a living hell for the past few years... that's nitpicking. Not a bad royal here.

    Anyway, we have one heck of a final four. Mr TNA, the longest reigning champion in the history of TNA, arguably the biggest star in the company, and Magnus. Maybe this would turn out to be a nice rub for Magnus after all. It looked like he wouldn't fit, but as soon as he got the mic he fit right in with this group of guys. You look at what can happen here... we could get Styles and Roode in the finals in a classic match, or they can make a star out of Magnus and let him put up one hell of a fight against Styles in the finals. Hoping for the second, but they really sucked me in on next week's show here... oh, and by the way, Styles-Aries II. :fap:

    The Aces and Eights Junior Varsity Team vs Not Chavo and Hernandez... :facepalm1: Next.

    One thing I loved was the way they covered for Hogan's idiotic botch. There was the Sting sitdown where he completely no-sold the stipulation and said being in the Main Event Mafia > being champion (what?), then Bully got in Sting's face about how it's non-title. Great job... then Hulk Hogan came out... and one thing I've been wondering in WWE is who would be the next John Morrison. By that I meant the next big high-flyer who could be a star with the right push, but apparently Hulk Hogan fills the rest of that role perfectly! I'm starting to look forward to Hogan getting the mic just for the stupid shit he says, he's always botching lines or making bonehead decisions. This was unintentional comedy gold. "Tito Ortiz is banned from ringside, oh and it's now a No-DQ match" WHAT? BROOKE AND ANDERSON ARE STILL OUT THERE BUT OOOOOOH WE GOTTA GET RID OF TITO! Hahahahahahaha. Match didn't matter... and yes, IWC noobs, you can also thrown "Bully Ray jobbed to Sting!!!!!" in the pile of things that don't matter since all the focus was on Anderson, who was awesome here. Marked like crazy, go see this. Of course, they could just do the Finger Poke of Doom next week.

    Somehow in the middle of all this Aces and Eights nonsense is everything I love about TNA. The personalities, the character development, the build for the next week, making everything (except Hernandez) meaningful, the new stars, the great talent...
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  15. I always read those. But yeah, Bully jobbing clean to Sting like that made me chuckle a bit.
  16. Asshole comments:

  17. I have a feeling Anderson will win.
  18. Why exactly? I don't believe they're gonna make the 3rd title change in 3 months as Bully would look like a chump, and Anderson main eventing BFG again would be redundant IMHO. And Bully vs. Anderson vs. Styles (most probably) - I don't think they will do that.
  19. I just feel he will, No exact reason.
  20. I could see Anderson laying down in their match,it would fool the crowd and a large amount of viewers imo.
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