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  1. Source: PWInsider.com

    I assume Devon has been taken off TV in order to fill an agent position in the back. Also,I'm not too sure what to make of AJ dropping his gimmick,turning face,and, joining the Main Event Mafia. I mean he's had what? About a year worth of build with this character? For what? To be thrown away so he can be put in the M.E.M and get lost in the shuffle? I guess he'll be involved with the M.E.M/Aces & Eights match at BFG which means he won't win the BFG series. What do ya'll think?
  2. Tito Ortiz and Brooke Tessmacher in the Ace's and 8's?

    Also "I got the hot Brooke now" :lol1:
  3. "I got the hot Brooke now" :true:
  4. Fuck you TNA this sucks balls!
    Oh lets just make a long story line about AJ styles being this differant character now lets change him back to the old one with no explaination yaaaaay.
  5. AJ dropping the "crow" gimmick seems to be on the drop of a dime. He literally goes from talking about there "not being any heroes" one week to "GET READY TO FLY" the next without what seems like any sort of concrete build up to the change. Most people figured that this change was supposed to be over time and lead up to the BFG main event but obviously things like Angle's sting in rehab and Bully and Sabin playing hot potato with the belt has kind of derailed that plan. I just wish they would have picked up the pieces better.
  6. I don't see why jeff hardy wasn't put in the MEM it would make more sense then AJ styles right now surely? I do wonder who is actually writing for TNA im starting to think maybe they have alzheimers.
  7. Jeff Hardy is a former junkie, and in a real world Mafia does not recruit junkies, so it's the right call.

    I didn't know two title changes in one month period are hot potato-ing title. Who knew? I guess TNA should've went the almighty predictable route that we are complaining so much about these days.

    It is so obvious Sabin was the transitional champion to add some unpredictability to the World Title scene this Summer, and was given the belt to elevate him (deservedly). His push will continue, I'm hearing.

    AJ Styles, as I originally thought - there'll be more to this whole thing than just random old AJ being back.


    My opinion is that AJ is just using both MEM and Aces to get the title shot, as he simply decided to the easy road to BFG via joining MEM to have his back, while at the same getting rid of Aces (pinning Devon). Come BFG, he beats Bully Ray, and when MEM (who had previously beat Aces on the show to disband them) comes to celebrate with him, he knocks out Joe with a title belt, clotheslines Magnus, Pele to Rampage, and finally - 450 on Stinger.

    Just my standing on what I feel will happen as this would feel totally wierd if AJ just goes back to being happy go lucky.​

  8. I hope your right but TNA has a history of unexplained story lines and what about james storm even he could of made more sense then AJ styles and failing that even joey park.

    Completely off topic but did you see the news ages ago that dixie signed someone from WWE just after mania and do you know who it was? I am asking you because you seem to be the most knowledgeable on all things TNA.
  9. Oh bully im even more jelly now. Assmacher? :mog:
  10. I guess the original plan was to have AJ slowly become more of a mix between the bad-ass heel and face legend and then have the crowd roar as he beats Bully at BFG but yes due to the recent events, perhaps they had to drastically change their plans but I still think they should've gone with this:

    MEM need a new partner and ask AJ to help, who rejects. Sting then begs him to, stating that by helping them, he'll "be in good favour" and AJ then decides to join the team for one night only. Sting asks him if he'll wear "proper clothes and come out to a proper theme song" and AJ tells him not to push his luck. Later, AJ comes out to his old theme but is pissed, as Sting decided to use the old theme even when AJ told him not to. AJ helps them win, and then goes back to focus on BFG and defeating Bully.
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  11. This could happen too, and sounds very realistic. People are just jumping to conclusions and the show didn't even air yet. We don't if it part of a bigger picture, is it for one night only, is it all gonna unfold @ BFG. We barely know anything.
  12. Would "Chris Sabin finally got his shot and was screwed out of the title because of more Aces bullshit, boiling his blood enough to make him want to destroy the Aces and Eights even if he has to align himself with the company to do it" work as a storyline?

    Idk. Just want to see Sabin's reign have a purpose besides being a plot device to turn Tito Ortiz heel (:pity2:) and that, my friends, leads me to reading these spoilers instead of actually wanting to watch the show. Hey Test, watch Summerslam. You won't regret it.
  13. People are moaning about eveything, I'm telling you. Whatever the route the company goes, you just can't satisfy everyone.

    Tito Ortiz heel turn >> HHH heel turn. And yeah man, I'm just now downloading Summerslam, ready to watch a WWE event for the 1st time in 5 yrs. It's huge bro. F'n huge. If I regret watching it, I will fuck sue both you and Dust for recommending it. Hopefully you don't end up in bodybags.
  14. Wait so Rampage didn't get pinned and there was absolutely no point to the AJ emo gimmick?.... Fuck this company.
  15. The 8/22 Impact opens w/ Bad Influence & Roode in the ring. Roode congratulates Bully on his world title win but says he now has a target on his chest. Roode says he's in 2nd place in the BFG series & asks Austin Aries to join him & Bad Influence to have more control of the series. James Storm & Gunner interrupt, leading to a tag match. Roode & Kazarian win the match after a low blow by Roode to Storm.

    Manik def Sonjay Dutt. I guess the rule about X Division matches having to be 3 ways is done or TNA just forgot.
    I knew it, the "Evolution of the X division" was just a waste of time

    Joseph Park won a street fight against Chris Daniels, Jay Bradley & Hernandez. Aries came out & looked like he was going to help Daniels but instead hit him.
    Aries a face again? WHO CARES

    Bully comes out w/ Tito Ortiz who's now a member of Aces & 8s. They gloat about Bully winning the title & Bully says he's gonna shock the world by revealing his Brooke. Out comes Brooke Tessmacher & she makes out w/ Bully. Bully says he has the 'hot Brooke' now.
    TNA just fucked this up more with Ortiz now in the Aces and Eights, but what? Tess? I know Brooke Hogan was released but TNA is just gonna cover this up with that? company is going down under.

    Gail Kim beat ODB.

    The 5th man in the Main Event Mafia is AJ Styles, who is back to being phenomenal w/ his old theme song. The crowd loved it. Main event time.
    You have gotta be fucking kidding me that heel turn barely lasted WTF,I mean yeah he was all a mess but the people loved it

    Devon, Brisco, Bischoff, Anderson & Knux were the Aces and 8s team. Styles Clash on Devon for the win, the crowd went nuts. Devon must leave TNA, perhaps to take the agent job that was vacated by D' Lo Brown.
    WHAT, Devon was another guy keeping the gang up, STUPID

    The crowd chanted "Thank you Devon" after the match. He posed for the crowd and then left.
    Well you can't blame Devon

    Much of the crowd left after this, but TNA taped an Xplosion match where Jay Bradley beat Joseph Park.
    And you can't blame that much of the crowd for leaving.
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  16. Looks like an awesome show imo. Brooke Tessmacher in the A&Es is probably the only thing I'll dislike of the show.
  17. Epic show, much more spoilers but yes, I agree with Nano.
  18. disagree with everything you said.
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  19. The show sounds okay but he took it overboard, What would you expect from someone who says DX was its best is 2006.
  20. Probably because the little dude who wrote the post is like 8 yrs old, as he points to us that the company is going under (that being the 696969th time it's been said the past 11 yrs).
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