TNA in 5 years?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by James, Mar 8, 2012.

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  1. Do you think maybe in 5 years time TNA will become a big major company like WCW and be able too rival WWE? think about it if TNA becomes bigger than that means the WWE will become more entertaining because the 2 companies will compete against each other.
  2. With good booking they can go somewhere.
  3. Why do they need to be a rival to WWE? Can there not be two thriving businesses? five years, they will probably be in the 2.2 ratings section.
  4. I'd like to see them go that "bigger level" of course. In order to that, I think they need to do some things or fix them:

    - Advertising in general
    - Advertising Impact more, and next week also for that matter
    - Minor booking changes (still doubting Bischoff's true value to the creative)
    - More shows on US TV (Xplosion.....)
    - Continue what you're doing now, thats pushing your own talent
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  5. If they stick with their current marketing team TNA will either be the same, or out of business.
  6. In 5 years TNA will die.
  7. Zamo you know nothing about TNA and have never watched it. You're effectively a casual. TNA dying isn't happening in my opinion but if their marketing team doesn't improve it's a possibility. Their latest shows have (most of the time) been better than any WWE programming by a mile but ratings are still lower than last year.
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  8. i think there needs too be another wrestling buissness set up that will be just as good as WWE.
  9. Nothing will get as big as the WWE imo. They're too big now, after all the majority of casuals don't say we're watching wrestling they say tneyre watching the WWE.
  10. Yes I have watched it?

    It is happening and you'll just have to wait, marketing team sucks, their commentary blows, their latest shows sucks and their ratings sucks.

    Everything about them sucks, now don't tell me they have this great guy Bobby Roode and AJ styles, no two or several good talents won't help making the company better.

    They have hogan, one of the greatest of all time, people looked up to this guy and what happened? They have RVD people also looked up for him and then they have Jeff Hardy yet their ratings blows.

    TNA is dying wait for it.
  11. Must. Ignore. Stupidity.
  12. Zamo needs to be banned from any thread pertaining to TNA
  13. TNA is growing Zamo. Ratings are up on the averages sometimes, plus they're on the road more often for tapings and they've got the india project.
  14. I'm stupid? Who's stupid, I wrote true words and you had to counter it with saying that it's all stupidity, way too LQ from an owner, if you just don't have anything to say then just don't bother replying.

    Your brain must not be in its position right now if you actually are trying to compare this craphole with the WWE, if that's the case then I won't discuss this with you because obviously you do not know shit.

    I wish.
  15. Please watch this. It's even shortened to 5 minutes, so it shouldn't take too much of your time:
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  16. So good.
  17. Blind TNA hate. What is so wrong about watching another show than WWE?

    I'm guessing the last time you've watched it was 2010 because the product is good now. I do wish for more X Division but the product is there.

    I am here:
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  18. Not sure if you wanted that taptalk thing to display @[CM PuLs3]

    Main thing I like about TNA is the whole show is above average. Where as WWE seems to have opening segment, burials, diva 1 minute match, commercials, then main-event.
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  19. Everybody stalk CM PuLs3. That's the thing with TNA when it's good it tends to be very good but when it's bad...
  20. I haven't seen a bad episode of Impact since like early 2011, which is great.

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