TNA in need of a luchador?

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Stopspot, Apr 12, 2013.

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  1. Luchadors tend to be popular characters in American wrestling. Especially with the kids since the masks send superhero like signals. TNA have been lacking one for a long time now (Suicide was the last lucha like character I think). I personally think a luchador could help deepen the roster and sell them some more merch which is never a bad thing. But who should they go for?

    I'd personally say either Puma, Lince Dorado or Samuray Del Sol. And out of the 3 I'd prefer Del Sol or Puma. Del Sol is like a young Rey Mysterio. Exciting to watch in the ring, mysterious and with a certain amount of IT factor and. Puma is excellent in the ring (TJ Perkins seems to be unable to have a bad match) and he has a cool look for a luchador which could lead to some nice masks to sell. Dorado would also work but I personally prefer the other 2. Magno can GTFO though in my opinion.

    Do you think TNA needs a luchador?

    Who would you have signed to TNA?
  2. I love luchas so yes. I'd really dig it if they brought Jigsaw in tbh or resigned Amazing Red and gave him a mask just don't make him Spanish again...
  3. Forgot about Jigsaw. Never saw much of Red and Red seems to be getting into WWE. He has been having try outs and Striker is going to bat for him.
  4. They can bring in Rey Mysterio's corpse after WWE releases him soon
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  5. Rei Mysterio Jr is also running around on the indys. That would be hilarious if they brought him in (Rey Rey's cousin from Mexico).
  6. Annoying he'd be a great underdog, Mysterio style.
  7. They don't necessarily need a luchador. The X division is fine, not that I'd be opposed to them signing one, I just don't think it's necessary.
  8. I agree, what would be the sense of the XDivision if TNA starts bringing luchadores? Kenny King should be really scared about that LOL
  9. I was a big fan of Rubix.
  10. It'd be a good addition, yes. And there's lots of guys they could get for the job.
  11. - TNA needs anything that's marketable, so obviously yes.

    - I'd sign Rubix and Lince Dorado. Both very good workers with that lucha styles and shit and they don't botch.
  12. Rubix (Rubik for the suplex machine Taz) would be a good choice if they sign a luchador, but the XDivision is there for something IMO
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  13. Del Sol is probably the guy I would go for right now. His mask looks cool and is marketable, I could see it selling. He has the build to play the underdog very well, like Mysterio. He is incredibly solid in the ring and over as fuck in Mexico if TNA would ever want to go there. The fact that he speaks both English and Spanish would make him perfect for cross country media appearances (Mexican media likes to have wrestlers on).
  14. Almost every masked wrestler that knows to do a hurricanrana and a few flips is marketable, tbh.

    As far as Del Sol goes, why the hell not? Honestly, no matter who they sign (if they sign): Rubix, Dorado, Del Sol, someone else... They need to be booked strong and smart.
  15. Indeed. They could sign Mysterio without strong booking even he would not live up to the hype (especially with his fiber glass knees).
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  16. I think it would be good to sign a luchador. They have unique ring moves, and can bring attention to the X Division. As to who to sign, I don't really keep up with luchadors, so I'm not the one to choose.
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  17. Are Luchador's really that popular? I don't see what the fuss is about, but if they draw then it can't do any harm to bring in a cool Luchador.
  18. Rey Rey sells a lotta merch and Faceless did too for a while. They're easy sells with the masks so they can draw it's just a case of finding the right guy to do it, hey here's a random idea how about Jeff Hardy? He wears the paint stuff so why aren't they making masks based on that design to sell to the emo kid marks he has?
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