News TNA in New York June 25 - June 27 for 3 TV Tapings

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    TNA will be taping TV in Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City from June 25th to June 27th. It's the first time TNA's TV show will be broadcast from New York.
  2. Considering TNA's ticket prices, I might just go. This is freakin' sweet.
  3. Whoa! What? Hammerstein Ballroom?! I could get tickets to that! Yeah!!
  4. No chance of these shows taking place as TNA will be out of business by then
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  5. Explain how in any way this makes sense.
  6. BLFFL has a pink belt in the art of internet trolling. She just makes superfluous statements and never has the knowledge or intelligence to back them up with reason.

    She'll earn her black belt when she learns that all she has to do is respond with: "I RITE UR RONG CASE KLOSET! TROLL"

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  7. Id love to see what in hell would be created if Gohan and BLFFL had a child.
  8. [​IMG]
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  9. i love the hammerstein ballroom, such a gr8 venue.
  10. I heard that it might be moved to another ballroom in New York.
  11. :mog:

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  12. It will be some other venue, the latest scooopz say, not Hammerstein.
  13. [​IMG]

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  14. It's not in Hammerstein after all, but NYC is NYC

  15. Classic TNA poster for NYC tapings

  16. lmao so bad it's good.
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  17. A lively crowd for a TNA show, hopefully. Can dig it.
  18. Everything is better than fucking Universal Studios.
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  19. They need to find a good home (and do tapings regularly, but not do like 3 tapings in 2 days) and go out regularly to places all around the US to do special events/PPVs (and also world tours). For them to be going for the first time ever to NYC is massive and should generate large-ish crowds.
  20. * PWInsider reports that TNA has taken out a lot of local advertising in the New York area to promote the upcoming tapings. They are working with a NYC-based public relations company and have been running a lot of radio ads.

    Finally they've remembered to ACTUALLY do a promotion of themselves!
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