TNA invades WWE... if it was 2011 (custom storyline, backstory outline)

Discussion in 'Be The Booker' started by C.M. Shaddix, Sep 8, 2015.

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  1. If this happened present day it would suck ass like the invasion storyline in 2001. I took the time to develop the backstory.

    So how could this alternate timeline happen in 2011? Well:

    Lets just say in mere July after the famous CM Punk promo and disses on the company Vince actually is convinced Punk is speaking the truth. He realizes that he's been an ass to a few people, yeah he'd never do this in reality but let's just go with it. Which means Vince tries to apologize and befriend some people he might of dissed on, one being Jeff Jarrett, now JJ is just a wrestler in TNA around this time but he's still the founder, he has enough influence in the company to convince a few things to Dixie. So they actually have a long talk and in the end since TNA kinda was going down already in 2011 a little, just like WCW McMahon purchases TNA assets. Thanks to Jarrett's trust in Vince once again, he's able to influence the roster to take up on Vince's offer to wrestle for the WWE. Even Sting at this time, since he now believes McMahon is finally coming to senses on a few things. McMahon and Jarrett pitch a possible storyline to introduce the former TNA stars to the WWE in the such invasion storyline.

    The art of the invasion storyline isn't to have a group of wreslters come and try to take over the company, those storylines are always predictable and why ruin a company that's sucessful? The art is introducing the mass amount of new stars at once, the storyline should last for a little under a year until the new group of stars are now sucessfully merged into the company they invaded and the titles that came from the old company have now been unified or changed over.

    So where is this going to start? Summerslam 2011 CM Punk vs. John Cena for the WWE Titles with Triple H as the guest referee, the original 2011 WWE storyline that took place is in tact up to this very moment, Punk wins and Triple H failed to notice Cena's foot under the rope, Punk celebrates until he's attacked, but its not Nash...

    I'm still in development but I had the time to develop this back story to why this happens and hows its almost logical. Keep to the Be the Booker Topic for more!
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