TNA Knockout Leaving?

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  1. Source : PWinsider
  2. This is because Sabin's leaving TNA too.


    Like her, but it seems like she's just following the footsteps of her man.
  3. Shame. Velvet was a proven rating getter for TNA.
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  4. She fucksucked in ring, but she was indeed a rating getter. This is still a rumor though, so we shall wait and see.
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  5. Hope WWE snatches her up, I'd be watching whatever show she was on more often. :pipebomb:
  6. Knockout division is slowly starting to decline.
  7. Maybe this is what TNA needs to put some effort into the KO's division.
  8. This.

    Get rid of Velvet and bring in someone who can work.
  9. Her profile is gone from (yet Shelley and Morgan's are still there, so it's hard to say based on that)
  10. Her profile is BACK on TNA site after all. Guess someone pulled the trigger before he crapped his pants.
  11. hooooray. She is still aroundish.
  12. will be missed!
  13. Taz must be destroyed now. Who will let the Pigeon loose?
  14. Gone after all. No ass gifs! :upset:
  15. I don't care if TNA leaves cause I don't watch it. Have you noticed TNA is like the retirement home for WWE superstars? They've taken Matt and Jeff, Hulkster, Batista, and Ric Flair.
  16. lol, Matt Hardy doesn't work for TNA, Batista never worked for TNA.

    TNA is also miles ahead of WWE when it comes to product quality, they have so much better product it is not even funny.
  17. Re: RE: TNA Knockout Leaving?

    Obviously look at all these guys the WWE made stars Austin Aries, Bobby Roode, Samoa Joe, James Storm, AJ styles and Zema Ion.
  18. 13 year old fucks.:haha:
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