(TNA) Kurt Angle vs (WWE) John Cena

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  1. If TNA nd WWE ever clashed and Kurt Angle fought John Cena, who would win? (Plus I'm well aware that this has happened in WWE before.)
  2. Pure fight? Angle
  3. Someone would probably interrupt the fight and cause Cena to win. But if it didn't happen Kurt would win.
  4. Not sure if you mean a real fight or a wrestling match in the ring (scripted).
  5. :sad: A wrestling match.
  6. The one who won the gold medal with the broken friggin neck.
  7. Just noticed you pretty much copied my thread.
    The only 2 reasons I made that thread is for:
    1. PWI Magazine cover
    2. The Best in the World Vs. The Greatest Man That Ever Lived

    You can't just have random people facing off.
    It could be like, who is the better technical wrestler? Exhibit A or Exhibit B and why?
  8. Stop making these shitty threads lmao

    whoever was scripted to win would fucking win
  9. I made my thread in perspective that we are the writers. :dawg:
  10. Uh...What'd I'd do?
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