1. Spoiler: i'm not doing shit but leaving a status to make this an LD, and expecting to be solo. @Testify you dont fucked up champ.

    Someone can fix the intro and merge threads later. 15 mins and A-double vs Fat Joe is on.
  2. My fuck is Taz stupid. He's grabbing his own bicep, that's what makes it tight.
  3. Oh fuck me Aries taps and Fat Joe is the x-division champ? Put the cage 6 inches higher, that fat fuck has a 2 inch vertical max. TFA
  4. Triple Aids loves EC3 and Grainman is going to mark for the rockstar tonight.
  5. Clash of Clans, stay a virgin for free.
  6. Damn, it's not letting me make it live. What did I miss so far?
  7. Redbox not having xbox one games is such a disappointment, I want Shadow of Mordor but i'm not dropping 60 on a 10 hour game. Do your job redbox, you might as well have ps2 titles as they had games still when Xbox 360 and ps3 were around for the first few years.

    Before I went to a tech school, i was going to high school, and working at various fast food restaurants (cant even keep a job at 18) - apparently this dude really wanted to be 60k in debt asap. ITT - fucking you in the ass ASAP.
  8. Aries lost to Fat Joe for the x-division title. I don't understand, they snag manik long(er) term and have plenty of people like spud and ion to compete, yet we have the fattest person in TNA holding the belt. You might as well have him vs Joe Park in the Abyss because who the fuck cares.
  9. @Crayo why isn't this live dude. You just can't do anything right.
  10. Who in WWE is to blame for Taz getting the announcer spot. Talk about putting the worst idea in wrestling history in motion.

    TNA doing the right thing, keep Angle the fuck away from the ring before you have to have your first RIP episode. I like it tbh.
  11. EC3 is dope, but since Spud is in the ring i know i'll read Rain marking soon enough. Piss break.
  12. These 2 are beastly.
  13. I'm here bro! just had to watch Modern Family first... I'll only be here for 30 mins though because South Park and Key & Peele are on during the second half.
  14. Well welcome! EY is such a boss, just not as high as he is ranked. Time for EY vs EC3, love it.

    Everyone blame testify for this failure to make a better LD.
  15. Havok and Gail Kim next, nice hopefully it goes on before South Park so I can see her perform in TNA for the first time.
  16. Hmm I wonder why?
    There's not already another Live thread is there?
  17. Gail Kim vs Havok, man tonight should be great. We better have betting thread for Bound for Glory.
  18. Who can't wrestle?
  19. Aww Spud why help EC3 still he's a bully!
  20. EC3 is beast, these snarls have no clue what a wrestler is.
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