TNA leaving the IZ permanently?

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  1. This is shocking tbh.
  2. Yeah I didn't see that coming. I figured they would keep the IZ as a home base of sorts.
  3. Good or bad can't decide. A tradition comes to an end but leaving IZ is way better for TNA, crowd will react more and it can effect ratings as well.
  4. Put up or shut up for TNA with this move.

    Hoping for only good things to come out of this.
  5. Is anyone else slightly nervous that this move bites them in the ass? I really hope not, but it's a possibility. Let's hope for greatness.
  6. I am nervous for it. There are bound to be "baby deceases" when an entertainment company of any kind does a major overhaul or starts something new (See Gutcheck, RAW going 3 hours and ROH signing with Stirling media group) so I wouldn't be surprised if things didn't run completely smooth. They seem to be going to the same arenas as Bellator MMA though and with the close working relationship I expect Bellator to help them out when needed.
  7. Well, it's a gamble, really. If they draw crowds and everything works out on the road, great, but if doesn't there will be problems.
  8. I heard Chicago is their first episode outside the IZ. Not bad.
  9. Chicago followed by Jonesboro, Arkansas followed by Corpus Christi, TX and finally Atlanta, GA are the dates announced so far. If they work their advertised model of shooting one episode live followed by taping next week's then that would give us 8 weeks of content. Seems like a decent work schedule for TV.
  10. Dates for last TNA shows in the IZ are the following:

    March 17th (double taping)
    March 23rd (double taping)
    March 24th (double taping)

    The remaining 6 "One Night Only" PPV specials will be taped on those dates. Included are the World X Cup, International Incident, Hardcore Justice 2 (but not with ECW cre), a Knockouts PPV and many more.

    :obama: #ThankyouImpactZone
  11. A knockouts PPV? :eww:
  12. Every of 3 divisions in TNA got a spotlight PPV, why shouldn't they get it aswell? I won't be watching it (probably), but they certainly deserve one tbh.
  13. If I was interested in the division I'd be all for it, but nothing appeals to me right now regarding knockouts. I don't really think professional wrestling revolves around who deserves what either, personally.
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