TNA Live Discussion 10/22/14

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Roadster, Oct 22, 2014.

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  1. In the mix!
  2. Came in, turned on TV, saw Jeff Hardy. :gusta:

    'Sup, Tsar? :yay:
  3. @Testify doesn't even setup the TNA LDs anymore? Weak.
  4. Brain dead after 4 episodes of Gotham.
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  5. It's ok. I'll hog the LD scene here.
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  6. I've got to get caught up on that. Only an episode or two behind, so woot!

    Live discussion thread is not live..... fail.
  7. :why:

    PC problems! Sorry!
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  8. Snow; mobile.

    This place needs a sect mod. Too much neglect.
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  9. Poor neglected TFA section.
  10. On a brighter note, that's a nice pumpkin you have there. :ksi:
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  11. I need hair like DJZ's.
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  12. 1: Nooooo kidding. *raises hand*
    2: Yes but that's not a way to actually turn the show on! :why: Silly Impact depriving me of good LD time. When it's back on, me and Aids can have an awkward conversation for 15 minutes before I randomly ditch the thread. Just like old times! :yay:
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  13. @Shadow can you be our own personal live thread maker person guy?
  14. Bram is Flair's SIL
  15. :tough:

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