TNA Live Discussion Thread Wembley Arena :)

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    Looking forward to seeing it to be honest.
  2. RE: Impact tonight, in Wembley Arena :emoji_slight_smile:

    TNA uploaded this to youtube thought people might be interested! Promo for tonights action!

  3. RE: Impact tonight, in Wembley Arena :emoji_slight_smile:

    Are you going to be there?
  4. RE: Impact tonight, in Wembley Arena :emoji_slight_smile:

    No i wish! Didn't have money for tickets when they were on sale!
  5. RE: Impact tonight, in Wembley Arena :emoji_slight_smile:

    From Cornwall. probably wouldn't have gone anyway to be honest. Not into TNA like I am WWE. Still like watching it on tele/comp though.
  6. RE: Impact tonight, in Wembley Arena :emoji_slight_smile:

    The crowd will be epic. You can guarantee it. British crowds are some of the best. I guess this is to discussion thread?
  7. RE: Impact tonight, in Wembley Arena :emoji_slight_smile:

    Sure, will change the name now.

    I wasn't impressed with the crowd near Scotland I think it was. London they're always great. The "who are ya" chants are legendary.
  8. RE: TNA Lie Discussion Thread Wembley Arena :emoji_slight_smile:

  9. What time is it?
  10. Don't actually know what time it's on, this is the part where I tag @[seabs].
  11. @[Tzesi] It's on at I think 2am the same as Raw.
  12. Discussion thread without sage? Pfft.

    Hope TNA is better than last week, effing sucked.
  13. I would have went but it's like 300+ miles away :emoji_neutral_face:
  14. I don't even know if I want to watch TNA after how horrible it was last week @[seabs].
  15. Tonight should be good though, bigger crowds normally mean better shows.
  16. Ehh I'll watch a little bit of it to see if it's good.
  17. Good stuff. Been avoiding the spoilers all day -.-.
  18. Hope Hogan doesn't appear.
  19. This on now then?

    Anyone got a link they could send me?