TNA Lockdown Attendance, Bischoff Update

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Big Hoss Rambler, Apr 17, 2012.

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  1. Wow, 2k fans out of 9k seats. :shock:

    Bischoff isn't gone. YES!
  2. Eazy E is fine in that role for me, he's very experienced with producing a mainstream wrestling product. That attendance was horrible though.
  3. Of course he's not actually done with TNA, what a stupid logic. Still real to the dirtsheets? :silva:

    Attendance was poor it seems, but there no way there was only 2k. I'm still going with 2.5-3k.
  4. I worry for TNA with reports like this, I really do.
  5. Blacklist Nashville. Fucking hillbilly redneck jerkoffs

    I posted this in another thread:

  6. God that's a horrible site to see, looks like Storm can't even draw in his local fans. It's a shame I saw potential in him.
  7. I always said Storm (in my opinion) could not be the face of the company, it's still my opinion of course many people will disagree. I'm a fan of his, he can be an excellent low main eventer or mid carder, I just think they need that it factor like Anderson maybe to head the company - but he didn't work either did he?

    Roode ftw.
  8. Austin Aries for face of TNA 2012
  9. TNA has bad rep in Nashville from ditching them

    kinda expected this, but still sucks to see since Lockdown was a good PPV
  10. It was?
  11. I've seen people speculating that Nashville fans were bitter and that's why the didn't show up.

    It wasn't bad. Two great matches and a few other matches that could have been better with a decent crowd.
  12. MCMG vs Joe/Magnus was good

    Storm vs Roode was good (ppl hate on the ending but the feud only started like 5 months ago, heels go over on PPVs for TNA almost 3/4 of the time so its whatever, i still enjoyed it)

    Angle vs Hardy was good

    Lethal Lockdown was good till the Bischoff ending

    Velvet Sky vs Gail Kim was good and that powerbomb spot was cool
  13. I watched your video and was shellshocked when you said the tag-team match was good. There were parts where the wrestling was good, parts where it was terribad, the booking was awful. I liked Roode vs Storm agreed. Angle vs Hardy was epic. Lethal Lockdown was terrible, the match itself could have had so many better spots, what memorable moments were there?

    Missed the knockout match. The rest fucksucked.
  14. I was disappointed in the Tag match, but the feud should get better. You could tell all of the guys were out of it because of the dead crowd. Having it follow Lethal Lockdown was a stupid decision.
  15. Bobby/James feud reminds me of Hunter/HBK in so many ways. Hunter/HBK traded wins becuz the title was sometimes held by someone else. Bobby will win each time becuz they want him to have the title, not 2 make their feud seem real.
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