TNA lose out on Universal Studios again!

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by BrockLesnarFanForLife, Jan 4, 2014.

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  1. According to PWInsider, TNA is not scheduled to return to Universal Studios to tape Impact Wrestling episodes any time soon. Word is that TNA was unable to secure any dates for 2014 due to the soundstages being booked out for other productions already.

    TNA's last episode from Universal will air this coming Thursday. They will tape episodes in Huntsville, Alabama later this month before going to the UK to tape episodes. After that, there's no word yet on where they will tape Impact.
    ^^^ Lol so TNA have officially lost the Universal Studios they returned to last year and they have no other venue to tape shows for 2014 after the UK tour. I have said this before Dixie close down the company
  2. This is a major fuck up.
  3. They didn't lose anything, they were only taping there temporarily.
  4. plenty of places to tape shows
  5. If this report is accurate it looks like it wasn't planned to be that temp though.
  6. I dont know, they seem pretty set, they will tape a month or 2 in the UK and others at the Genesis taping.
  7. I wouldn't mind if they found a place to tape in the UK for a while, their attendance numbers would probably be better. The only problem I could see coming up though would be that it would be hard on their roster, and crew as the majority of them would be away from their family for a couple weeks at a time.
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  8. What Shadow said. Keep the company where their fans are and tape over there across the pond.
  9. Isn't one of the big perks for a lot of guys TNA's laid back schedule? If they suddenly have to spend all of their time in the terrible UK I don't think they would take kindly
  10. Bitch ple- fuck it, not even going to defend the UK.

    Regardless, this is a bit of a fuck up. It's unnecessary stress on a company that seems to be going through a bit of a rough period at the moment. They'll be able to find other places sure, but does it cost the same? Is it near their best fans? A lot of thought probably goes into picking venues; it won't be as simple as "oh, they've got a lot of chairs in there, let's shoot our show here".
  11. Go down south, hit up Texas those inbreads love some wrasslin.
  12. Vegas, Texas, Philly... plenty of places to choose from. IZ is played out anyway.
  13. Judging from the crowds the last few shows they aren't in front of TNA fans now
  14. Philly would be good too, Vegas I'm not sure on though although they'd pull tourist dollars there I'd imagine.
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    So when was the first time TNA lost Universal? Back in March, Universal lost TNA because TNA got sick of taping there. I thought you were going to figure it out after 9 months, but I guess you're just an idiot.

    Anyway, where to tape now? Las Vegas I think. Or simply in Nashville, home base of old TNA
  16. BLFFL, Shut down your account.

    This doesn't mean anything, plenty of places to tape, they can hit the road because there are other locations....
  17. This has to be seen as a good news too. No more terrible Universal Studios "crowd". These past few shows showed once again how horrible those people there truly are.

    Universal Studios, good riddance. You won't be missed.
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