TNA makes changes to BFG series

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Crayo, Aug 28, 2013.

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  2. Alright, I'm down with that. Those announced matches should be great.
  3. Pretty poor on their part but I'm not gonna sit here and complain about getting to see AJ Styles/Bobby Roode and Aries/Daniels on free TV.
  4. It was never announced as the Round Robin tournament. Never. A lotta people should get straight.

    But that doesn't mean this year's Series doesn't look like a mess. Because it is.

    Weak promoting, not too many great matches like past two years, Series is ending too soon, and it didn't felt important like last year.

    Seems like this year's regular part of BFGS is gonna be 4/10, which is shame considering all the good names in it.

    Hopefully Finals and this Thursday night make the Series better overall.
  5. Styles/Roode and Aries/Daniels :awyeah:
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  6. BFG Series has been wack but hopefully it picks up from here on
  7. This BFG has been the biggest pile of WHADDAFOOK yet "I'm strangely amused" compared to last year but hopefully it'll be better now.
  8. I think most matches have been great. The build has been little/none but the aces and 8s/MeM buiild has overshadowed about everything else going on, sadly. It could be worse. The x-division has just been a joke for the past few months.
  9. Read this on TNA website....

    Everyone but Magnus this year, will have wrestled 7 one-on-one matches in the Series + Hardcore Justice matches and a Gauntlet match.

    Magnus won't be on Impact tonight due to an "unforeseen issue".
  10. But what happened? Have they miscalculated the time they needed for the series, changed plans or something? This seems weird.
  11. Changed plans. They fixed the Series last year, it was near damn perfect.

    This year, it was messy again.

    Hopefully next year, it'll be like 2012 - a Round Robin tournament.

  12. They should avoid the 4 way matches IMO and leave it as a 1 on 1 tourney
  13. Last year worked insanely well. This year not so much.

    My theory is that the Aces storyline took so much focus that the BFG series was kind of forgotten/not allowed as much time as it had last year when it worked well.It also feels like it dragged on more than last summer.

    It could use some tweaking to make the concept better for when there are bigger things to focus on in the summer.
  14. I feel like if the Aces & Eights would just disappear I could actually start to look forward to Impact again every week.
  15. Next week's BFG Gauntlet match winner has to be the most predictable one ever.
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