GFW TNA names new president

Discussion in 'Other Wrestling (US)' started by Stopspot, Aug 12, 2016.

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    Are they just shuffling titles around to create some positive press. Or has Corgan chucked more money into TNA to cover their growing debts in exchange for ownership?
  2. Heard TNA couldn't pay their wrestlers last night. I bet Corgan's money is the only reason he was promoted.

    I'm assuming everything TV now will be from him and I don't know how to feel about that. Dixie is bad, but Corgan said months ago he wanted to introduce "real life situations" in TNA such as transexuals, etc.
  3. Corgan is not a fan of transexuals either. So we'd get a tranny top heel potentially
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  4. Yeah, shit could get really weird if he's got a major say in creative now. This and the Matt Hardy stuff is going to make for a really interesting product.
  5. Until someone buys the company in its entirety I doubt it'll see any positive change. However Crogan could be a step in the right direction, who knows.
  6. Obligatory TNA OUT OF BUILDNESS IN A YEAR reply. :hhh2:
  7. >Came to bash Dixie
    >See she's a Chairman

    She'll basically have the final say still, nothing will change.
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  8. It is a shuffling of titles to try and create some positive buzz since it leaked that TNA are unable to pay talent again.

    It is what it is
  9. Y
    You'd the Sandow signing would be enough, though. But I guess that was meant with 'he's working there for free!?'.
  10. Sandow signing combined with them being behind of pay just sends bad smell.

    "We took the other guys money to sign this guy. Ain't we geniuses!?"

    Has Dixie not realized that mommy and daddy ain't funding TNA anymore?
  11. I might be the only one who feels this way (looks around and notices there aren't a lot of others behind me....shrugs), but I've actually been enjoying some of the things TNA's done lately. It's like they've realized that going over the top is okay and they've just run with it, hence the Rosemary-Bram stuff and "Broken Matt Hardy".

    It's been odd enough to capture my attention. If Billy Corgan's behind some of that (or, even if he's just the one who pushed that it be okayed), that's a step in the right direction.

    Not to go off on a rant here, though: why do people want TNA to close down anyway? If you don't like them, don't watch them. But, they're an alternative for people who don't want to work for/can't work for/aren't desired by WWE, but it's like TNA slept with some of your girlfriends/boyfriends/husbands/wives/mothers/Great Aunt Bessie/whoever and you've taken it personally. It creates someplace else for guys/gals to work, hone their skills, practice their craft, improve their brand. Competition's a good thing (shakes my head at the idiots who don't know what "competition" is because they're laughing at the fact I just used the word in connection with TNA) in all businesses and professional wrestling/sports entertainment/whatever cool buzz phrase someone came up with last week at some meeting somewhere is no different.

    Chill, y'all. It's cool.

  12. Who in this thread outside of Balor (who said it as a joke) has said that TNA should close?

    I don't think anyone here wants TNA to close down. But the company is a circus behind the scenes. I think most people on here point this stuff out because the want TNA to do better. I loved TNA during 2012 but since then it has been a descent of Hindenburg proportions for them. I don't see this as people wanting TNA to sink to the bottom of the ocean, rather as people pointing out to TNA that the boat is leaking. And if they don't find out why they keep getting holes in it, it won't matter how many times they repair it.

    And it isn't like we don't talk about that bad stuff WWE or Ring of Honor, or New Japan does as well. It's just the negative backstage news is far more common from the Nashville territory, than it is from New York, Philly or Tokyo.
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  13. In this thread? Nobody. Elsewhere on the site? It's been somewhat common.

    What I did see on this thread was a lot of negativity about the recent product they've been putting on and the idea that Corgan hasn't made a positive impact (no pun intended). But, it's been since he came that they've been putting on shows that were more compelling. Now, that could be a huge coincidence, I can admit. But, it could also be that he's pushing them in the right direction.

    Either way, I'm glad they're making a switch. I hope it continues to make their show better and that they're not just paying lip service to generate good buzz.

  14. Well, technically if Corgan was given ownership of TNA, he would become the Chairman and not the President. So my thoughts would be this: Dixie gives him a meaningless title of president as thanks for helping money wise... but in turn, she gets to start calling herself "Chairman" which as owner, she pretty much already was. And it would generate press.

    As far as how the company is being run and by whom, I doubt this actually changes anything. Just a publicity stunt.
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  15. Shuffling titles around doesn't create positive press.. It just shows how disorganized they are.
  16. "Despite all the rage TNA still is just the same", dunno if this really does change anything that much.
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  17. I would imagine selecting the president for tna is like selecting the president for a 3rd world country. Whoever brings the largest goat wins
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