TNA needs tag teams.

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  1. Now bear with me as I'm catching up on 3 weeks worth of Impact atm currently one week behind still. Also I'm not fully aware of the financial issues currently involved in TNA.

    But to my point TNA needs some Tag Teams as every week its The Bromans vs The Wolves. Now obviously depending on finances this is an issue as they might not have funds to pay any new talent. But surely there is a way they can get a few guys with potential off the indies of from somewhere to build some form of tag division? There must be guys who are young and have a vast amount of potential who are unknown enough to not cost a fortune to put in the division and give a shot to? Or surely there are guys on the roster with little or nothing to do who they can have challenge?

    Just a pet peeve with TNA for me.
  2. Hm, yeah, they definitely need some tag teams. They could come up with some makeshift teams for the time being and get some indy guys, because having two full-time teams in the company sucks.
  3. TNA needs 2 or 3 more tag teams in, I'd say putting two guys doing nothing together could work for a while or maybe something like EC3 and Spud might be entertaining for a while. With my small knowledge of good free agent tag teams, I'd say TNA should have tried to reform Motor City Machine Guns (resign Sabin and I heard that Shelley left NJPW) and sign Generation Me/The Young Bucks. MVP could also use King and Lashley as his tag team to go for The Wolves.
  4. If Tigre & Sanada weren't so good at being singles competitors that tag team was so dope.
    I would mark like crazy for an MCMG reunion <-- one of my favorite TNA tag teams they've had.
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  5. Damn straight.

    Wolves need a team or two feud with now they're done with the Bromans. Maybe EC3 & Spud, King & Lashley, Magnus & Bram?

    Bromans vs. Menagerie feud on the other hand, though? I could really dig that.
  6. I'd say The Wolves vs King & Lashley could happen if TNA don't get more tag teams anytime soon. Menagerie vs Bro-Mans would be quite fun. I don't think Magnus and Bram will team up for long; I'd be surprised if Magnus doesn't turn face soon, build him up to win the WHC at the Maximum Impact tour in early 2015 in the UK.
  7. Did Beer Money ever reunite? I haven't watched in a few weeks; if not that could be a tag team worth looking back into.
    Yeah forgot Lashley came in again, definitely could see him and King tagging to add a little more heat to that division.

    Sanada is a double edged sword here in my opinion; I do love him as a singles competitor and he holds the X-Division belt so well but then again him and Tigre Uno would be another spot on tag team that TNA could desperately use. (I know I mentioned them previously I just wanted to elaborate a little more =P)

    Just spitballing here but how about a random tag team of.. Samuel Shaw & Willow?
  8. Nope, Storm as a heel is apparently feuding with Mr. Anderson. Meanwhile, Roode was "suspended" by MVP and looks to be turning face.

    Ehh, I can see Sanada holding the X-Division belt until someone like Aries wins it later this year, and then he goes back to Wrestle-1.
  9. They're doing a good job of restocking the tag division as previously stated. Rob Terry and Crazzy Steve, EC3 and Rockstar Spud (YES PLEASE), Magnus and Bram, King and Lashley... screw it, Aries and Roode. I can roll with a WDT Reunion, after Pritchard screwed us out of the Dirty Heels vs Bad Influence feud we were all begging to see, maybe them feuding with the Wolves instead would be a nice consolation prize.
  10. Financially I think they are having trouble. E.G.O was a great team and letting them go was a bad move. Beer Money reunion is possible and I'd mark like mad. I think they had Sanada and Tigre Uno teaming up a few weeks back against Bromans when they were Champs
  11. Yeah Sanada being the X-Division champ keeps them from teaming again in the division :emoji_slight_frown: They rightfully put the focus with him on the Singles competition; he performs so well whether it be tag or singles so it's tough to wish the belt away from him because he carries it so well.
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