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  1. After weeks (maybe months? Years?) of confusion surrounding the ownership of the company, there is finally some clarity regarding TNA and a new minority owner. That new minority owner is none other than Smashing Pumpkins frontman, noted wrestling fan and general oddball, Billy Corgan.

    Corgan has been working with TNA for a year now, but is due to move into a new role after purchasing a minor stake in the company. There is some confusion still surrounding how complete the deal is, with PWInsider claiming some sources say it is done whilst others state that the ink hasn't quite dried as of yet.

    If the deal does indeed get completed and Corgan is installed as minority owner, Dixie Carter will retain majority ownership of the company. Her desire to do so was frequently stated during this entire negotiation process, and could have been a stumbling block for other potential investors.

    What that means for TNA one can only speculate, but if this means the company stays afloat and remains a place that professional wrestlers can perform and get paid to do so, it can only be a good thing.

    Source: WhatCulture
    (TNA Wrestling Gets New Minority Owner)
  2. Corgan has had a minority share in the company for months now.
  3. I can take the 2 minute drive to his house and buy the $50 stake from him. :jeritroll:
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  4. I think you're over valuing TNA.
  5. i know who it is dixie carter the second
  6. Dixie is a babe.
  7. I thought the Harris Brothers now own the place?
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