TNA News, April 13th

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    Prior to tonight's X-Travaganza One Night Only PPV taping, Tom Latimer wrestled in a tryout dark match against a local wrestler.
    After the show, Bob Ryder tweeted the following regarding TNA's interest in Latimer:


    - TNA taped two One Night Only PPV shows yesterday in Orlando, World Cup that aires this July, and X-travaganza that aires this August. X-travaganza featured many non-contracted wrestlers appearing for TNA, such as Trent Barretta, Rubix (Jigsaw), Rashad Cameron, Sonjay Dutt, Petey Williams and of course former Tag Team and X Division champion Low Ki, who is rumored to have signed the new contract for TNA. Highlighted matches of the X-travaganza show were 2/3 Falls match between Sanada and Austin Aries, Bad Influence vs. The Wolves in a Ladder match and 4 Way Ultimate X match main event.

    - On the other note, the rumor has it that record 8 time TNA X Division champion and last year's World Heavyweight Champion Chris Sabin is on his way out of TNA after this weekend. Contract negotiations for a new contract reportedly didn't go well, and X-travaganza PPV taping might be the last of Chris Sabin in TNA for now.

    - Contract statuses of Austin Aries, Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian are still unknown at this point. All three appeared at this week's TV/PPV tapings in one way or another, but nothing is official about new deals. TNA announced that several new contract extensions will be announced in the next few days, just like with James Storm. It'll be interesting to see if it's any of these three that signed new contracts. One last note, Daniels is set to face Sanada for the X Division Title in Japan at Wrestle-1 show next week. Possible sign of new contract extension maybe?

    - TNA will be taping several shows in New York June 25-June 27 in Manhattan Center. It's the first time IMPACT Wrestling TV will be broadcast from NYC.

    - TNA Executive John Gaburick said in an interview with Jeremy Borash answering fan questions that the 6 sided ring will 'return to TNA at some point'.

    - Kurt Angle returns to TNA very soon. His knee injury recovery went well so he'll back in action soon.

    - Sacrifice live PPV is scheduled for April 27th from Orlando, but the main event is still unknown, though it will probably be Eric Young vs. Magnus in a rematch for the World Championship. One match scheduled is Madison Rayne (c) vs. Angelina Love for the Knockouts Championship.
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  2. It would be a damn shame if talents like Austin Aries and Chris Sabin are unable to come to terms on a new contract. The two of them are the most successful X-division stars that TNA has produced and if they do not re-sign it will be a huge loss for the division and TNA as a whole. If they lose Aries I think we will all be pretty pissed, because he is one of the most talented pro-wrestlers around today.

    In regards to Senshi/Low-Ki making a return the company I would certainly welcome it. He has had a lot of success in the company within the X-division in the past and would definitely spice things up. Sanada vs. Low-Ki sounds like a contest that would put arses in seats.

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  3. Hey, Low Ki may be supposedly an arrogant bastard backstage, but he's a great talent. He'd be very good for the X-Division if he does sign. Latimer/Kenneth Cameron was fun in Ascension, but I've never seen him as a singles guy, so who knows. Damn, this X-Travaganza show sounds awesome. I was already hoping Aries and BI would renew, hopefully Sabin does as well! It'd be a shame to lose him.
  4. Lots of great news there, Test. (And Sabin leaving, too. :downer:) Thanks for posting!

    Geez louise Kurt, are you out of your mind? If I shot you in the head you'd take a week off.
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    Bad Influence gone from TNA?



    It should be noted that Love and Velvet Sky also took pics with Karen and Jeff on 12th, and Bully Ray works with HoH too as part of working relationship. Just a note.
  6. Dude! I saw the image before your comments and thought they had been signed by Jarrett's new promotion, definitely was panicking for a second there lol. I hope this is not the end of Bad Influence in TNA, they do look pretty comfortable between the two Jarrett's though :notsure:.
  7. Love me some Karen Jarrett :gusta:
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