TNA News & Rumors 11/15: AJ Styles-Japan & AAA, King Mo, New Talents, Orlando

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  1. - AAA officially announced that the AJ Styles vs El Mesias match, which was taped last week, will be televised this Saturday on GalaTV (formerly Galavision). They posted the tweet below on their official Twitter account, which translates to: THIS SATURDAY! @ElMesias_AAA Vs @AJStylesOrg for the TNA Heavyweight Championship #AAASinLímite 16 hrs. by #GalaTV.

    - AJ Styles, the "former" TNA Heavyweight Champion, has arrived in Japan to wrestle Seiya Sanada tomorrow night in WRESTLE-1. He stated that he "did not come to all this way to Japan to lose" and that "the Japanese wrestling fans are going to see some of the highest levels of pro wrestling that they have seen in a long time."

    This will be AJ Styles’ first match competing in Japan since August of 2008, but right now he said that his role as champion is to defend the belt all over the world. Styles admitted that he does not know much about Seiya Sanada, but he heard that Sanada is considered a "young ace" candidate in the promotion.

    Styles was asked about how he plans to go through the match. He said that he has many moves in his arsenal from the Styles Clash to the Spiral Tap, as well as a new submission move called the Calf Killer that may be used in the match.

    Styles was then asked about his thoughts in general about W-1. He said all he knows is that it's a new promotion run by The Great Muta (Keiji Mutoh) and that there are a lot of good talent.

    Styles was asked about who he would want to face in W-1, to which he replied The Great Muta, because "he is an icon in the world of professional wrestling." He added that he hopes to have a match against Muta some day.

    - TNA's special attraction and MMA fighter King Mo hinted at a TNA TV return very soon


    - California Independent female wrestler and a PWG regular, who's been on TNA's radar since BFG in San Diego - Candice LeRae, has tweeted the following:


    - TNA returns to its old home Universal Studios in Orlando, FL on November 21st for Turning Point "free PPV" live on Spike.
    TNA has scheduled TV taping dates in Orlando for 11/21, 11/22, 11/23; then 12/3, 12/4 and 12/5 to close out the TV for 2013.

    - According to Dave Meltzer and Wrestling Observer Newsletter, TNA is interested in signing ROH stars Davey Richards, Eddie Edwards and Roderick Strong. Wolves have been speculated for some time now to end up in either TNA or WWE.
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