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    September 12th at 9 P.M ET/7 Central.
    What to Expect
    -On Thursday, we finally got to see shades of tension from members inside of Aces and Eights between Anderson and Ray.Hulk Hogan's plan to destroy this group from the inside seems to be working, as Anderson will get a World Title against his fellow Aces and Eights member, and leader Bully Ray.With Bully Ray losing to Sting this past Thursday, will we get a new Champion within Aces and Eights, or can Bully Ray somehow convince Anderson to lay down for him.
    -This special PPV live on Spike Tv will feature the Semi finals and finals for the Bound for Glory Series.Who wants that TNA World Title shot more? Who's willing to give every ounce of their strength to relive past great moments, or create new ones? One of the semi-finals going into the show is Austin Aries vs A.J Styles.Two men who's had matches before in TNA, and around the world.When it comes to Aries, he's felt what's its like to be World Champion, dominating everyone big and tall to keep his Title, you know he wants that title back.When it comes to A.J Styles the man has been the glue for TNA's company, putting his body on the line every night, whether it was a house show or not, you knew AJ would give more for the money.Who will be the better Wrestler for one night in this match-up?
    -The second semi-finals of the Bound for Glory Series will be one of the members of the Main Event Mafia against E.G.O member Bobby Roode.If you can say who's shocked the world the most in this Tournament it has to be Magnus.He went from being a midcarder waiting for his chance to move up to a man two matches away from getting a World Title shot, trying to become the first ever British born TNA World Champion.As for Roode, he's one of those superstars always in the running for a World Title shot, he's that good in the ring, and he knows how to get by, not only with his Wrestling, but his skills outside of the ring, to get ahead.You can say Magnus is the underdog in this match, will Roode be the man having the last laugh, or is it Magnus's time?!
    -Remember the winner of the semi-finals moves onto the finals, and whoever does win in the end, Bully Ray better be ready to face them in the future.

  2. Austin vs Styles. Magnus vs Roode. That's it

  3. Well also Ray vs Anderson, plus not sure if TNA will save the finals for next week but I expect a Knockouts bout and maybe a Tag Team Title match with Gunner/Storm vs Garrett and Brisco.
  4. Really looking forward to this one.
  5. Well as some of you people know I went to a TNA House show last night, and boy was I thrilled.I mean imagine this, entering the Bob Carpenter Center getting two Shirts, looking around, and all sudden you see ODB and Gail Kim! I've been to plenty of house shows for Raw and Smackdown, but never I see top superstars sit by the Merchandise stand to autograph anything the fans wanted them to sign.
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  6. AJ vs. Aries should be a MOTYC again.

  7. TNA does seem to be the best at fan interaction, every show they seem to go above and beyond.

  8. Yup I learned that first hand being at a TNA house show for the first time, even though let's say we had maybe 500 people in the building, they treated us like if it was a PPV.
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  9. BFGS Final needs to be the main event of No Surrender, not Bully-Anderson. Put those two in Q5.
  10. AJ Styles vs. Austin Aries means this is a must watch show.

  11. Live and free folks.
  12. Please have Aries Vs Roode final 2.
  13. Back in 2011, both Bully Ray and Mr. Anderson were part of Immortal. Bully Ray being the dick that he is, was one of the major reasons Anderson turned babyface and left Immortal. They had a brutal FCA match @ BFG 2011 which also included a major botch by Anderson.

  14. Looks like I'll be catching this tomorrow.
  15. #TeamMagnus
  16. Someone should make this a live thread, sticky it and make a header announcement.

    Stopspot (only mod online)
  17. I'll sticky it. But only admins can make it a live thread and create the header.

    Big Hoss Rambler will probably be on soon.
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