TNA Official not happy with current product

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  1. Fans say product is improving = Prichard saying it is going downhill?

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  2. He thinks he's way more important than he is. Takes a lot of credit for a lot of other people's hard work.
  3. The A&Es angle has gone down the shitter since Turning Point, tbh... Plus, BOB is their X Div. Champ.
  4. ^Exactly. Do something with Aces & Eights or get rid of it. And the X Division is non existent at the moment.

    other than that it isn't bad. The ME is actually being done wonderfully with the way the interconnect all of the different main eventers into one anothers storylines. The only complaint I have is less to do with storyline and more to do with match booking. I'm sick of Hardy and his boring ass main event match script. He has become a more predictable version of RVD in that category
  5. There are a few problems with the product (A&8, RVD) but overall I, for one, am liking it.
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  6. Hmm.. Not smarter lately?
  7. Re: RE: TNA Official not happy with current product

    Really? You're not happy with the product, they have a lot of good and a few bad points currently imo.
  8. Hehe. Just kidding. :umad:
  9. Yep, A & 8's should win a meaningful match (hopefully Devon next week retains), and Bob needs to put over someone like King then get showed the door.

    But otherwise, the product is the best in years IMO, and 90% of the pushed people are right people.[​IMG]
  10. Here is a fair question: wtf is up with aces and 8s? One dude lost and got to keep his mask on? We are months in and still two members, get this shit over with and get into the actual stable with a legit crew.
  11. I agree with Aids. More members must be unmasked ASAP.
  12. They're attempting to build up to the "swerve" when Brisco and Bischoff turn on Kurt and are revealed as members.
  13. Aces and Eights are just getting dragged on imo.
  14. yeah, for a while now..
  15. They said it should end around Lockdown I think.
  16. Ladies and Gentlemen...

    Making their way to the ring....


    Welcome Back to TNA...

  17. Ugh, I couldn't think of two worse guys in TNA. What a terrible reveal that'd be. :downer:
  18. Re: RE: TNA Official not happy with current product

    You know it'll happen, Hollywood Garrett brother.
  19. To be fair Garrett could probably get much more over as a heel than he would as a face. As a heel he might actually get real over.
  20. Just got a douche chill :cry:
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