GFW TNA officially moving back to Thursday nights

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  1. As seen above, TNA's moving back to Thursday nights starting July 21st, right after SmackDown goes live and moves back to Tuesday nights.

    Both TNA and Pop TV tweeted out the following:

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  2. Good call, TNA!


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  3. From Thursday to Wednesday to Friday to Wednesday to Tuesday to Thursday.

    6 changes in 2 years. It's only a matter of time before WWE runs them off Thursdays.
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  4. Lashley looks constipated af in his render
  5. Jeff Hardy looks undeleted in his render
  6. Would be hilarious if SmackDown stayed on Thursdays just to spite Dixie. lol
  7. Nice move. Can't compete with SmackDown. Really interesting times as TNA is doing some clever business moves!
  8. That only leaves for their next move to be on Sundays! :lol1:
  9. What clever business moves?
  10. This one and hiring Sienna. She is pretty good in the ring.
  11. This was not a move done because they are particularly smart. It was done because they remembered what happened the last time they went head to head with WWE TV. They also have not marketed this outside of twitter. So that spike in viewers they got this week is likely going to drop severely.

    This is the same company that does not have money to fund their next set of TV tapings. TNA and smart business does not exactly go hand in hand most of the time.
  12. I know. I hate Dixie and all TNA's moves but this one is a good move. I know it's done because of WWE but still it is done.
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