TNA Officials: We're in "rebuilding process"

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    Certainly creating an interesting discussion here.
  2. Amazing if true, but unless they're making more money now than a year ago then I'm not sure how long they can keep it up.
  3. It's all about Joseph Parks.... That guy is money!

  4. I'm sure I read some rumors that they were barely floating above the water.
  5. Clusterfuck of a response: GO!

    1. It's really good to see how much they care about the fans, while WWE at least gives the perception like they don't.

    2. I read some complaints saying the product was quite boring in February ever since they replaced the stupid swerves with logical storytelling. Maybe that's why there's so much emphasis on Aces and Eights, but something like that's been done so many times before that it's hard to believe that that'll draw eyeballs to the TV.

    3. The time change continues to be a bad thing for TNA, they should move it back to 9. They're avoiding the Jersey Shore, but instead they have to deal with the Big Bang Theory which is an absolute ratings powerhouse. The first hour still isn't drawing quite as much as they'd like it to.

    4. Panda Energy has plenty of money, but from what I've heard they've been a lot tighter with their pursestrings since their spending spree bringing in expensive "named stars" in 2010. They'll continue to keep the company afloat but that's it.

    5. It's really hard to get a grip on TNA's audience, we've had the "What can draw viewers to TNA" discussion so many times that there's no real reason to re-visit it, The crowd is mostly hardcore smarks now, and most smarks won't leave the product... however, the highest rated episode of Impact ever (January 4th, 2010, 1.5) was an absolute catastrophe in the eyes of it's core fanbase, and they lost quite a few viewers after the PPV it built to. They may not see a show like that as a success after that.
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  6. Yeah Panda energy (the company Dixie Carter owns with her parents) are very much in the money. If TNA didn't make any profit at all Panda could easily keep it afloat for at least ten years before it would make a monstrous dent in Panda energy.
  7. I would love to have 10 minutes looking at TNA's finance.
  8. No doubt TNA hasn't always been the best with their finances but neither have the WWE at time. Both these companies have large sums of money available, WWE in the form of Vince and their shareholders. TNA in the form of their owners Panda Energy. TNA's finances doesn't reflect their product just as it is with WWE. WWE has the finances to put on the best show on earth but so often miss that. TNA on the other hand have had bad finances (especially around 2010 with the Hogan-Bischoff-Flair signings which are now resolved) but TNA continues doing what it has been doing for months now. Putting out the best wrestling show out there. They work with what little they have and are pulling out stellar shows and PPV's that more often than not blow WWE's out to sea when it comes to pure match quality. TNA has a much more even roster, everyone is on the same level it seems apart from the obvious jobbers.

    TNA is also a young company still learning. WWE has the better part of a century of experience.
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  9. TNA is young, and is doing extremely well of it's age. Since WWE product is getting stale people will look for another wrestling company, the other 2 companies that people mostly turn to are TNA and ROH. Right now TNA is getting some fans because of the roster they have, and because of how WWE has been heading lately. Rebuilding might be a good idea, to give the new audience fresh feuds so they don't have to dig up lots of past episodes to see what's happening.
  10. I like TNA i think maybe!
  11. Good to hear there is 1 company doing it for the wrestling fans! :emoji_slight_smile:
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