News TNA On Netflix?, Video Of TNA Ad During RAW, Dixie Carter Speaks, New TNA Documentary

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Prince Bálor, Dec 9, 2014.

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  2. I wonder how the streaming would work for Netflix, I'd be pretty interested in that, it's something that could really get the exposure out about them and keep the company going.
  3. Honestly over the TV deal, they should have done this. ONO shit could be on, they could still do weekly showings at 9pm instead of 8pm (streaming or finished as most of the dogshit is already taped) and we could use Netflix like a PPV network for the best TNA ppv's.

    Instead they moved down a network by well over half the viewers, taped a bunch of shit no one cares about, and are really banking on NYC showing up in early January for a FUCKING MONTH OF SHOWS BEING TAPED TO START THE SHIT UP. When you look at WWE #'s it's safe to assume most people are watching live, even smackdown on friday nights...but with TNA and their #'s it's safe to say their taped shows are spoiled all over the internet, and most people already know what the fuck is going to happen well ahead of time.

    What the fuck are they thinking? I wish the Carter fucks had sold their bullshit a while back, or TNA hadn't gotten a TV deal so we could see a new one rise with people who have common sense on what to fucking do. Seriously, their youtube page has less views per video than the lowest ranked Let's play guys I watch who play random NES and SNES hacked games for a fucking living.

    The ONLY thing keeping me here is because of the talent they have. If 2015 sees Roode, Aries, Gail, Taryn, Storm, or any other worthwhile talent leave, i'm out for good. I'm already pirating the fuck out of the show because I don't support the product, who in their right minds wastes money and time on shit that is taped like this? It's like in the late 90's or early 2000's when PPV's had a 10-20$ discount for ordering the PPV up to 7 days after it aired. My friends saw it already, spoiled it, and also put the shit on VHS (or online today) I have 0 reason to support you once the live show ends.
  4. lol you
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