Spoiler TNA One Night Only: Gutcheck Pay-Per-View Tapings

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  1. - Thanks to Jennifer for the following TNA One Night Only: Gutcheck pay-per-view spoilers from Monday night's tapings in Orlando. No word yet on when these will air.

    * The Great Muta defeated Mr. Anderson for a match that goes with the Global Impact tapings from Friday night. Muta sprayed mist in Anderson's eye and hit Shining Wizard for the win.

    * The Gutcheck tapings begin next and they're hosted by Christy Hemme and Jeremy Borash. They introduce the participants - Pepper Parks, Cherry Bomb, Shaun Ricker, Dalton Castle, Ross Von Erich, Marshall Von Erich, Tony Kozina, Crimson, Jon Davis, Martin Stone and Tevita Fifita, the former Camacho in WWE.

    * Robbie E came out to interrupt but Al Snow took him out. Snow went over the rules and talked to the Gutcheck contestants.

    * Martin Stone defeated Jessie Godderz

    * MVP defeated Jon Davis. MVP tried to attack after the match but got laid out

    * Manik and James Storm defeated The Von Erichs with help from Khoya

    * Shaun Ricker defeated Crazzy Steve after a low blow

    * Davey Richards defeated Tony Kozina

    * Crimson defeated Sam Shaw

    * Ethan Carter III came out and cut a promo on Fifita, mentioning his relation to Haku. Tevita Fifita came out and won the match by DQ when Tyrus interfered. Tyrus attacked Fifita after the match but Haku made the save and applied the Tongan Death Grip. Fifita hit a Samoan Drop on Tyrus and posed with his dad.

    * Drew Galloway defeated Pepper Parks

    * Dalton Castle defeated DJ Zema Ion

    * Tevita Fifita defeated Shaun Ricker, Martin Stone, Dalton Castle and Crimson in an elimination match to win Gutcheck. Fifita last defeated Ricker to win. Fifita was congratulated by Al Snow and earns an appearance on the next live Impact Wrestling.
  2. Camacho won over Crimson, who I'm pretty sure is meant to be in a tag team with Drew Galloway in the future? Wut?
  3. Dude, but it says right here Crimson defeated Sam Shaw. There's no mention of bloody Camacho.

    And yeah, Crimson and Galloway are a (future) tag team.
  4. No, what I mean is, if Crimson is saying he'll be tagging with Galloway, it'll probably be on Impact. So why is he competing in Gut Check with Camacho, along with a few others, if he's basically said he'll be in a tag team for TNA?
  5. No idea, mate.
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