Spoiler TNA One Night Only: World Cup Results

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  1. Young selected Bully Ray, Eddie Edwards, ODB and Gunner.

    * Angle selected Davey Richards, Mr. Anderson, Sanada and Madison Rayne.

    * EC3 selected Jessie Godderz, Robbie E, Magnus and Gail Kim.

    * Roode selected James Storm, Kenny King, Samuel Shaw, Velvet Sky and AngelinaLove.

    World Cup Qualifying Matches:

    * Eddie Edwards defeated James Storm.
    * Bromans defeated Mr. Anderson & Sanada.
    * Gail Kim defeated Madison Rayne.
    * Eric Young defeated Bobby Roode.
    * Kurt Angle defeated Magnus. EC3 was supposed to face Angle but he demanded that Magnus take his place.
    * AngelinaLove defeated ODB when Velvet distracted her.
    * Ethan Carter III defeated Davey Richards.
    * Gunner and Bully Ray defeated Samuel Shaw and Kenny King.

    World Cup Finals:

    The two finalist teams are Team Eric Young vs. Team Ethan Carter III. They faced off in elimination style matches.

    * ODB eliminated Gail Kim.
    * Robbie E eliminated ODB.
    * Bromans double teamed and eliminated Eddie Edwards.
    * Bully Ray eliminated Jessie Godderz.
    * Robbie E eliminated Bully Ray.
    * Gunner eliminated Robbie E.
    * Magnus eliminated Gunner.
    * Ethan Carter was disqualified when he hit a low blow on Eric Young.
    * Eric Young eliminated Magnus, winningthe World Cup for his team.

    Read more at http://www.lordsofpain.net/reports/...orld_Cup_PPV_Tapings.html#ej8wEWtzurhvRqQu.99
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