Spoiler TNA One Night Only: X-Travaganza Results

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  1. * Low Ki defeated Chris Sabin

    * Rashad Cameron defeated Zema Ion

    * Kenny King defeated Rubix

    * Ace Vedder (Trent Baretta) defeated Manik

    * Sonjay Dutt defeated Rockstar Spud

    * Tigre Uno defeated Petey Williams

    * Ethan Carter III issues an open challenge. The Ethan Carter Invitational Ladder Match will see the winner take home $25,000.

    * The Wolves defeated Bad Influence in the EC3 Invitational Ladder Match. Instead of giving The Wolves the check after the match, EC3 kept it for himself and got laid out for it.

    * Sanada defeated Austin Aries in a 2 of 3 Falls Match with the X Division Title on the line. Sanada won 2 straight pinfalls.

    * Low Ki won Ultimate X over all the other singles matcheswinners from earlier. It was announced that Ki will get a future X Division Title shot.

    Read more at http://www.lordsofpain.net/reports/...avaganza_PPV_Tapings.html#kT477C8uRVKaIrJU.99
  2. Sounds like a lot of fun. BI vs Wolves was probably awesome, dislike Aries jobbing, but he may be on his way out, so... And Low Ki vs Sanada sounds fun as well.
  3. is this available to watch? Or do i have to wait 4 months for it to be on PPV.
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    4 months bro. I am kidding you not.

    This is TNA's current PPV schedule:

    Sacrifice (LIVE) PPV - April 27th
    Joker's Wild (One Night Only) PPV - May 2nd
    Slammiversary XII (LIVE) PPV - June 15th
    Global Impact Japan (One Night Only) PPV - July 4th
    X-travaganza (One Night Only) PPV - August 1st
    World Cup (One Night Only) PPV - September

    September will probably be another ONO, then live BFG in October and one or two more ONO's in November and/or December.
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  5. lmfao i hate that they do that.
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  6. Looks like an entertaining card!

    Totally agree that it sucks we have to wait an entire four months to see it.

    ^ Explains how I feel perfectly.
  7. Sanada/Aries will be great.
  8. * Chris Sabin vs Low Ki sounded quite good. They fought before at No Surrender 06, but hopefully this time it didn't involve an inflatable doll!
    * Rashad Cameron vs Zema Ion. Didn't sound all that interesting. Would've been interesting to see Ion and how he would have contributed to the Main Event.
    * Kenny King vs Rubix. I'm a big fan of both, and I wish TNA would give Rubix a full-time contract, so I'm sure this one was interesting.
    * Ace Vedder (Trent Barreta) vs Manik. Though I'm sure it was good, I don't see why Manik had to lose. I don't understand the logic of a 2x X-Division Champion and arguably the best X-Division Champion in TNA history losing to a debuting wrestler (yes I am aware Trent made an appearance as Greg Marasciulo.)
    * Tigre Uno vs Petey Williams. Sounded good. Always have loved the Phoenix Splash and Canadian Destroyer!
    * Wolves vs Bad Influence. I might just buy the PPV because of this one!
    * Sanada vs Austin Aries. It would have been more unpredictable if it were 2-1, but I suppose it makes Sanada seem like a worthy champion.
    * Low Ki vs Rashad Cameron vs Kenny King vs Ace Vedder vs Tigre Uno. Probably a good Ultimate X Match. Looking forward to Sanada vs Low Ki.
  9. I'm surprised they let Zema lose, seeing as how recently he's been booked so weak and this would at least give him a bit of leverage. Also, Manik losing is just weird. Unless they're planning to have Trent be on the main roster, why not give Manik the victory seeing as how he is probably going to come back some time soon?
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