TNA One Night Only: Xtravaganza - April 5th on PPV

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Testify, Mar 31, 2013.

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  1. [​IMG]





    The matchcard is following:

    [size=x-large]OFFICIAL PPV TRAILER[/size]
  2. TNA One Night Only: Xtravaganza - 5/4/13 on PPV

    It's worth noting this is a taped PPV, and costs only 15 bucks.
  3. TNA One Night Only: Xtravaganza - 5/4/13 on PPV

    It's tomorrow dudes, 15$.
  4. TNA One Night Only: Xtravaganza - 5/4/13 on PPV

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  5. RE: TNA One Night Only: Xtravaganza - 5/4/13 on PPV

    The thread title makes me think May 4. :pity: If it weren't for Twitter I would have forgotten about it.

    Even taped I'm sure it'd be great, and how can you not appreciate a $15 PPV? I'm excited they announced they would be doing those.

    Are we going to have a discussion thread for this, too? Or just discuss it here if anyone is watching?
  6. Edited title.

    No discussion thread, if anyone wants to post thoughts on this, feel free in here.
  7. His?? :dafuq:
  8. Sorry for my indulgence feminism.:facepalm1:
  9. That's better. :smug:
  10. I'll buy it, I don't want to miss it
  11. I saw this card and immediately ruined my keyboard with drool and other bodily fluids. Thank goodness these keyboards are so cheap :true:

    OH MY GOD THAT TALENT! Every match looks downright incredible... even Chavo and Robbie E because Joey Park as a ref looks downright amazing... Petey! Sonjay! Rubix! Nese! Ion! And even Jerry Lynn! They're just going to throw the awesome at you and never let up.

    AND THAT MAIN EVENT HOLYSHITBALLS. $15 for this? :shock:
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  12. "Thank you for your recent Pay Per View event order." :win:
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  13. #AmazeBalls
  14. I think I'll watch it.
  15. Wait, this is on a Friday?
  16. Yep.
  17. I'm excited since this is the one Friday I'll actually be home and can watch it. :yay: Already purchased it and have it set to DVR, as well.
  18. I think I'll watch it as it airs as well since it's on Friday.
  19. This and Saturday Morning Slam > Mania :cole: :jbl: :ryan:
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  20. SMS <3 #Bearhug
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