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  1. Although it sounds like a stupid question, I was wondering if anyone enjoys TNA over WWE? I personally don't as I don't find it as enjoyable as WWE but I do still watch it occasionally.
  2. I used to 3-4 years ago, TNA went downhill big time from 2014 onwards.
  3. You think? I don't think it's gone too bad but I do agree it's gone downhill. What don't you no longer like about it?
  4. I didn't like the switch back to the 6-sided ring. Production feels cheaper too, crappy camera angles, poor stage, etc. Most of my favorite wrestlers are gone too.
  5. Yeah the wrestlers I used to love kind of just went and new ones came in which weren't as good. In terms of how much money is invested into it now, I feel that has gone down. The stage being poor, the production feeling cheap and the camera angles being awful is down to how much money is invested and with that going down, everything else has went with it.
  6. Never enjoyed it more, there's been times i liked the product and the talent in TNA but i can't seem to enjoy it over WWE, maybe it's the production, or the crappy commentators they've had over the year's.
  7. To go back to the comparison I made with ol' Crayo in early 2013: TNA does the best they can to make everything solid and put in enough effort to make everything not feel like a waste of time, but struggles to do anything buzzworthy or get anything to POP or deliver big moments... whereas with WWE we still get the big moments and chatter-worthy stuff... and if we're lucky, that's 30 minutes of their show that's two hours too long.

    So I'll take TNA but understand the other side I guess
  8. I've always appreciated TNA for the effort of their in-ring talents if for nothing else (and sometimes I've only been able to appreciate the guys...and the ring). I've usually felt like their talent works a little harder on average than WWE's talent, much like NXT's or ROH's tend to work harder, kinda that whole "number two tries harder" thing, I've always thought.

    Now that we're hearing that Aries, Magnus, Storm, etc., are going and we know for sure that Styles and Joe are gone (I know we've know they were gone for a while, but my point stands), I'm really concerned whether or not TNA will be able to field two decent hours of television a week.

  9. The wrestlers are very talented down there but WWE puts on amazing shows and gives you so much of everything. I'm not sure it would be fun to work in WWE like it might be in TNA. I suppose it matters if money is the reason you are wrestling at all.
  10. If this were 2012 I'd vouch for TNA, but that's not the case. I stopped watching it completely after Eric cost Roode the title. By that time most of the angles going on were either drawn on too long, or just uninteresting. Looking at it now only makes it seem like it got worse. I'll go with the WWE, but that isn't saying much. WWE has also been extremely uninteresting the past couple of months from what I've seen.

    Sadly, the best wrestling show on TV is on the verge of being canceled.
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  11. Yep, WWE has it's moments when things are awesome like the Triple Threat at the RR or Bryan last year at WM but TNA's weekly show is much better than RAW. A lot of people disagree with me, but hey, I find the shows very entertaining. It would help if TNA could get into different arenas, end big storylines on PPV and build up Lashley a bit more again - I'd like Lashley with a Heyman-kind of manager.
  12. In 2012, sure. Then freaking Russo came back, bunch of great wrestlers left and they lost a ton of money and all. Now I'd say they have a solid product overall. I wouldn't put either promotion on the top of my favorites list though
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