TNA-OVW News and King Mo News

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  1. - According to OVWmania TNA Knockout Referee Taryn Terrell defated OVW Women's Champion Heidi Lovelace to become the NEW OVW Women's Champion. She now joins fellow TNA wrestlers Crimson and Jesse Godderz respectively as Impact Wrestling stars that are champions in OVW.

    - Former X Division Champion & Tag Team Champion Kid Kash made his OVW debut joining Moose & Jason Wayne's Platoon stable. Kash faced and squashed Elvis Pridemoore. He now joins Doug Williams and Al Snow as the trainers down in OVW.

    - King Mo is said to be working great in OVW, and was described as all around great guy.
  2. Nice to know. It's a good thing that Mo is a nice guy.
  3. Also, he is one of the best booked special enforcers ever (BFG Street Fight). That's how an enforcer SHOULD act.
  4. I don't remember what he did, I do remember experiencing a great match and him not being something negative in it at all so I guess he was good. What did he do?
  5. He was the perfect enforcer, that's all you need to know tbh.
  6. :hmm: OK then.
  7. No problem dude, you're welcome!:obama:
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