News TNA paying their talent late?

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Crayo, Jul 3, 2013.

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  1. Well, maybe with them releasing so many people things will get easier.
  2. More money for the Hogan's brother :hogan:
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  3. No Dixie, you can't pay for Zema's medical bills. I'm going to be on both tapings tonight brother, 60k on my pocket :hogan:
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  4. Expected to see a wise, economic post by Stopspot,

    and I'm leaving dissapointed.
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  5. lol'd.
    If only Steiner could tell us the statistics. :steiner:
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  6. TNA needs to take care of their talent, and all of them. They should pick up their slack, these wrestlers are working hard for them and earn their pay checks. It's only fair to have them on time.
  7. This is hugely concerning imo.
  8. we all know who is getting paid on time, brother
  9. And yet Christy Hemme gets 7 numbers a year, reportedly.
  10. Wut da hail! :booker:
    Are you serious?
  11. dear jesus fucking christ I had no idea it was that bad

    I really hate everything about TNA aside from their product. that is soooooooooooooo retarded
  12. Does anyone have a list of their top paid superstars?
    I'm assuming...

    1. Sting
    2. Kurt Angle
    3. Jeff Hardy
    4. Hulk Hogan
    5. ?????
  13. 1. Hogan
    2. Hemme
    3. Sting
  14. I think this is the right list of top 5:

    - Sting
    - Angle
    - Bischoff
    - Hogan
    - Hemme and/or Hardy

    Between 750k and million a year, respectively. Spike pays big part of Sting's deal though, so stop the hate on the guy lol.
  15. Hemme gets 7 figures? loooool
  16. wonder what Russo was pulling
  17. If Hemme gets that much money she should return to wrestle but not only that, fully naked. We all want to see that don't we? Really, why she is one of the top earners? What the hell she does to get paid that much?

    Yeah and I believe there is a huge difference between wages.
  18. TNA is run by a bunch of pole smokers
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