GFW TNA Postpones/cancels India tour

Discussion in 'Other Wrestling (US)' started by Stopspot, Nov 26, 2015.

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  2. Come on, Bobby Roode, leave the sinking ship already! Come to NXT!
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  3. That's some bad luck right there, now TNA is stuck without a way to tape new episodes.
  4. Horrible news for TNA. You would think they would take at least one-dive for the sake of the ticket buyers and workers themselves. Not only did Carter lie to her talents, but she did it just days before the plan was to happen. Most of the backstage staff and crew were already given their tickets and itineraries, for the trip. You would think they would've looked into these issues when planning the tour.

    TNA is out of buildness, soon.
  5. right before they move to POP lmao
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  6. They are paying everyone for the tour anyways. Disappointed it's not going ahead but hey, it's a lock-on for 2016 as I hear Sony Six want for TNA to tour India once a year.

    Also, be happy, this eliminates a late 2015 Shera push. Hopefully. pls.
  7. He wasn't going to get a major push. He was going to be heavily featured on the show, like how he was heavily featured on Ring ka King. I don't expect him to get a major push, anytime soon.
  8. I'm pretty sure he was main eventing during his time on Ring ka King and won the title on the last show.
  9. Yeah, but that was an Indian promotion. TNA is going to spend one week tops in India. Not warranting a push for Mr. Beef, at all.
  10. True that, but to be fair a month of TV in India could probably result in something big. I still want my Shera/Manik tag team if they're not going to give Manik the X-Division title.
  11. From what I understand, TNA does pretty mediocre in India. There's a reason Ring ka King only did 1 season. When they had talents like Dutt, Steiner, Magnus and Morgan.

    I really think TNA's push for Indian dominance, is going to fail. They should focus on the American market, rather than going to places like Zimbabwe and India.
  12. To be fair, the Indian market has the potential to be quite big and Sony Six will be organising the tour, so it's a good move for TNA, especially when Sony Six are giving TNA a lot of money on their TV deal. It's not like they could've focused on Ring ka King when they have these talents who would want to wrestle primarily in America, leaving pretty much only the Indian wrestlers. Zimbabwe and India are not even close, TNA can probably draw a decent crowd in India anyways.
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