News TNA Presents "Turning Point" on Nov. 21st LIVE on Spike TV

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Testify, Nov 1, 2013.

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  1. To follow up the good ratings all the previous TV specials had done (Destination X, Hardcore Justice and No Surrender), TNA is doing another one on November 21st, on the day the company returns to it's old home, the Universal Studios.

    The November 21st Impact taping from Universal Studios in Florida will be titled "Turning Point" and will be the next "free PPV"; and will feature PPV-quality television.
  2. The last specials did well, sounds promising.
  3. Announced thus far....

    * Bully Ray vs. Mr. Anderson
    * James Storm vs. Bobby Roode [World Title Tournament]
    * Samoa Joe vs. Magnus [World Title Tournament]

    All three matches get stipulations next week, plus more matches.
  4. Anyone going to this? I'm really contemplating it. It's about an hour from where I am soo..yeah. Was also thinking about making a sign, any ideas from you lovely, creative posters? :jericho:
  5. I Wanna Ride
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  6. For sure this is gonna be great. Impact Zone and a PPV quality show. This could only get better if Dixie isn't showed up and AJ Styles comes back and kicks everybody's ass!
  7. Nice,back at the impact zone, good times good times...
  8. It's not the old Impact Zone, it's a whole different soundstage. Impact Zone was soundstage 21, this new is sstage 19, little smaller too.
  9. Regardless, I miss going to Universal and seeing TNA
  10. Sure. How often did you go before, are you a regular or ocassionaly?
  11. I was kind of a regular for a little while. I went a little before when they first started the Main Event Mafia, and went for awhile. Fun, fun times.
  12. It means 2008/2009 then, those were indeed some classic times in TNA. Glad to hear you'll be able to attend again bro.
  13. Not gonna lie, I wasn't the biggest fan of TNA when I first started going. But going to it live definitely helped lol
  14. Haha, not gonna lie myself too: I wasn't either back in 2005, but I definitely became a big fan after two months or so.
  15. I kind of go back and forth with TNA. Some days The Hoff will hate 'em, some days The Hoff will love 'em. It's THAT kind of relationship
  16. Oooh, so the Hoff is a southerner, too. Nice. We're slowly but surely taking over the forum. :win:

    Would be awesome to attend a TNA live event, as well as NXT, with both in Florida. I envy you, dude.

    Anyway, looking forward to this show next week. Should be pretty good based on past free PPVs.
  17. Not going to lie, I might actually watch. Love watching Joe and Magnus work.
  18. TNA has announced three more IMPACT Tapings that will run from December 3rd-December 5th. The 3rd is a Tuesday so it appears all three dates will be taped episodes of the show.
  19. Lineup for Turning Point TV special live next week, when TNA returns to Orlando




    Plus, Gail Kim has issued an Open Challenge to anyone; and Joseph Park has challenged his brother Abyss to a fight!
  20. The lineup seems pretty solid. Should be a good show. Thinkin about makin some sorta Hoff sign, so you all can see The Hoff
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