TNA President Dixie Carter Livecast Interview Highlights

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  1. Dixie Carter appeared on the PWTorch Livecast today about the many facets of TNA. The main highlights of the interview are below:

    -Dixie stated that while TNA has been profitable for the last few years, it doesn't mean they are debt free. The company took on alot of debt during the early years of TNA.

    -Dixie said dropping PPVs was a risk from a financial point (citing that they were making money) but will pay off from a creative standpoint as it gives storylines room to breathe, allows more to happen on IMPACT and makes the remaining PPVs more valuable.

    -Carter stated that there aren't plans to change the name of the company from TNA to IMPACT Wrestling. She said the company name was TNA and the show name was IMPACT Wrestling. Some of the confusion comes from the fact that TNA only has one show in the United States but if they add programming, that will clear up. So it is TNA IMPACT Wrestling on Thursdays.

    -She stated a few times that the thing that separates TNA from WWE is 1) TNA's roster and 2) how the product is presented. She said that the TNA presentation is so unique that it can oftentimes be seen on other shows.

    -While members of her family have had heated discussions with her in the past regarding the future of TNA over many Christmas and holiday dinners, they are happy right now with where the product is at.

    -Carter said the company's revenue sources are mixed and don't rely as much on individual sources.

    -She said a third party does TNA's drug testing for them. The drug policy includes marijuana. Thankfully she hasn't had to experience many issues with wrestlers using drugs.

    -Dixie stressed that she wanted TNA to be around in 10 years to provide jobs. She said TNA has taken small steps and every risk is a calculated risk. She isn't going to sacrifice everything as she keeps her employees in mind.
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  4. More highlights:

    On Whether the company is TNA or IMPACT Wrestling:
    "We started off - for better or worse - with a name that after ten years we've built up quite a bit of equity in. But, as we continue to grow our programs - when we're in other parts of the world, no one is confused because we Impact Wrestling, Xplosion, Greatest Matches, we have our Raws and Smackdowns - but in the United States, it was always forever TNA Wrestling. And then TNA Impact became the name of the show. So, it's more one is the corporate entity and the other is the show. Hopefully in the United States in the near future, you'll be using another name that's also associated with TNA."

    On if there is a plan on changing to IMPACT Wrestling:
    "No, not at all. Impact is that one show; our cornerstone show. But, the company is TNA Wrestling. So, if we have TNA Xplosion, that would be a different brand that would be out there. If Impact were the only thing we did, it might be a good business decision, but since it's not and in other places around the world and hopefully in the U.S. sooner than later, we have these multiple shows of which Impact is our cornerstone."

    On why the branding change:

    "We're just growing. Instead of being a small, little company with one little show called TNA Wrestling, we have a show called Impact and a show called this and another show called that. So, 'TNA' is really the umbrella of all of those wrestling programs."
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