TNA Rating and Viewership for 3/20/14 - Lowest Viewership Since Thanksgiving

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  1. Thursday’s Impact Wrestling episode scored a 0.89 cable TV rating, which is down from last week’s 0.99 rating.

    Impact drew 997,000 viewers, down 18 percent from the previous week. This was their fewest number of viewers since their Thanksgiving episode of Impact.

    On cable TV Thursday night, Impact did not rank in the Top 50 viewership.


    Well, this is kinda embarrassing. In your own personal opinions, what angles/movements would TNA have to do in order to regain the number? As stated before, this is their lowest viewership since the Thanksgiving episode, and although that may not look bad on paper, for TNA it is. Thoughts?
  2. For those who watched it, was the episode warrant of such a poor rating?
  3. Absolutely not.
  4. Wasn't there a world title match on this episode? wow, that's terrible for TNA
  5. I'll let you know when I finish watching it.

  6. More bad ratings for TNA, yawn, at this point it's just water under the bridge.

    It's a shame that a show with so much hyped up for it got such a shitty rating... actually, I PM'ed Crayo about it and he mentioned that none of that stuff drew him in. I tend to agree but assume I'm just being Overly Negative Rain as always, maybe you guys disagree. Lashley isn't a draw, women's wrestling in its current state isn't a draw, the triple-threat tag match is up for debate...

    And after Lockdown it's obvious. Vince Russo is back. There's one thing you've gotta say about Russo-booking and it's that it draws ratings. After a "Magnus vs Joe with Eric Young chained to Abyss World Title match" draws this poorly, you cannot defend Russo.(There's a lot of good things he did but Lagana did them too). Don't blame the talent (except Abyss, fuck Abyss), blame Creative for booking Magnus World Title Matches into an anti-draw and this matchup bringing back bad memories of Abyss crawling out of the ring at Lockdown.
  7. Indeed, Magnus vs Joe with EY chained to Abyss screams Vince Russo. The signs are there :dawg:
  8. Yeah. That match definitely give me this headache: :russo:

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  9. [​IMG]

    Viewership is THROUGH THE ROOF guys!!

    T N A!
    T N A!
    T N A!!
  10. Considering your username and your immature approach on the situation, I take it you're one of those atypical TNA haters?
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  11. Or Action Jackson :yay:

  12. I take it you don't get a lot of play.
  13. Lmao
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  14. What are your thoughts on dirtsheets?
  15. Do you have a manly musk?
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  16. I already have an idea in mind of who you are, and if that's the case, what's the point in making an alternate account when you're not banned? It's pointless and "friverlous".

    As for the actual question, I have my own girlfriend, what about you?
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