TNA ReAction Returning on Youtube

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    According to Dixie Carter, the 2010 TV Show ReAction will be returning in mid-February on Youtube. The show originally aired from mid to late 2010. It was known for its unique camera format that is seen in today's product.

    "Happy to announce that "ReACTION" will be returning mid-February as an online series on YouTube - more details coming soon to our website!"

    This was an excellent show, glad it's back.
  2. Great news.
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  3. Not bad, that was better than Impact in most weeks... granted, that was in the Russo era where they needed the extra time to progress storylines.

    Will be interesting to see how it does nowadays!
  4. These two are probably the best 2 promos ever on Reaction:

    :russo: = :phew:
  5. Love that Hardy promo, such a good heel.
  6. Good, I believe I'll watch it.
  7. Yep. If we are in for a long Hardy reign I think I will dig another Hardy heel turn. Last time he was exceptional.
  8. TNA has announced that Reaction will be returning this Monday on Youtube. You will also get full details about the "backstage-style" show of the show at TNA's website.
  9. I posted about it in the "More changes..." thread. :okay:

    But :yay: ReACTION. I hadn't seen it during its first go-round, but what I read about it sounded good.
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