News TNA releases Tara

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Stopspot, Jul 16, 2013.

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  2. OH FUCK! OH SHIT! :no: :no: :no:
  3. They oughta hire Audrey Marie.
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  4. :cornette-55:
  5. She's good, but she's 40 or so... I'd love watching her stay, but doesn't matter. Hope the KO division keeps growing.
  6. :wtf::((:cry::angry::no::upset::christian::mad1-61::neymar2:

    My chain of facial expressions in light of Tara's release.

    No, I'm not cool with this. ; - ;
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  7. Well TNA, nice going. Release all that good talent and keep Taz. TAZ!
  8. In the words of Gradoberg and the less entertaining Goldberg, Who's next!

    What a bad move, Yeah she is old but so fucking what? She is talented but noooo lets fire her and give Brooke Hogan a raise.
  9. The age game shouldn't apply if Hogan is still there. She was a great Knockout, they could have kept her around to help with the younger ones. Lets be honest, they can learn tons more about wrestling from Tara then Brooke.
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  10. my fav knockout. wonder if there's any chance she'll return to WWE :hmm:. hope so!
  11. There's no logic in TNA anymore.
  12. She was barely on TV the last couple of weeks and probably wanted to focus on her resteraunt.
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  13. *restaurant

    You are welcome, kind sir.
  14. You try typing with an Xbox controller,you'd stop caring about spelling errors as well.
  15. Yet Brooke Hogan is still there making something like $70, 000 a month. TNA logic.
  16. Turrible move again. Lets keep Velvet Sky who can't wrestle, Hemme who doesn't wrestle, and release one of the best female wrestlers ever. What the fuck :facepalm:
  17. Velvet can wrestle, better than some Divas hahaha.

    Still. ; – ; So sad to see her go.
  18. How broke is TNA atm? lol
  19. Really wtf, sometimes i hate TNA, yeah i do watch it every week, but wtf, Velvet who (has a nice ass granted) can't wrestle for shit gets kept on and Tara gets binned, really TNA gte a grip
  20. Doubt it's as much broke as "wasting all their money on 3 people"
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