TNA Releasing Talent to Cut Costs

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    In addition to Madison Rayne, Sam Shaw and Taeler Hendrix being released by TNA this week, it's also confirmed that Joey Ryan and Christian York have been released.
    Like Hendrix and Shaw, Ryan and York came to TNA after participating in Gut Check. As noted, TNA is releasing talent to cut costs.

    The majority of those releases are understandable but I don't understand them releasing Joey Ryan. He's a talented individual with lots of potential. Considering how much effort TNA made to try and get these people successful through gut check, TNA might be getting increasingly worried about sustaining their finances.​

  2. No more sleaze? No more Hendrix? :upset: :cry:

    Turrible news :sad1:
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  3. They released Hendrix and Ryan? Wow. Well, after giving it some thought, it does feel like they only hired Joey so the IWC would shut up, but this does make Gutcheck look like crap lol. Achieve your dream and be released months later (although with them getting so many new guys in via Gutcheck I'm not really surprised).
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  4. No more Joey Ryan? WTF!
  5. CRIMSON?!?! :why:

    Solidus Dolph'sZiggler
  6. Crimson?! JOEY RYAN?!? TNA...stahp fucking shit up!! :angry:
  7. I was shocked at Joey Ryan and Crimson. And somewhat for Christian York. So what is the point of Gut Check again?
  8. To waste some time on iMPACT I guess.
  9. Oh damn. I can't believe they would release Crimson, I hope that isn't true...
  10. So now it can be renamed "Future Endeavours Check".

    Crimson. Really? That guy had lots of potential. Hope he won't retire and lose interest in PW. That guy is really good.

    And Hendrix.. She was a one hot red head chick. Also she was good on mic and had a good ring in. Yeah, watched some of her matches, promos and OVW.
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  11. Crimson? Joey Ryan?! Well fuck......
  12. I Liked Crimson and Ryan. Damn you, TNA......This is why I nearly stopped watching.
  13. Crimson released? Talk about dropping the ball. York I can understand since his age speaks against him but everyone else could have become something. Hell, Shaw showed a lot of improvement after his original Gutcheck run.
  14. I see this as a good thing. I would rather Joey Ryan entertain and wrestle how he wants too instead of literally doing nothing on TNA. Christian York is too slow in the ring for TNA's standards. Never watched Crimson so I can't really say anything about his release. Sam Shaw is probably the worst wrestler in the company today so I'm happy about his release. Hendrix imo is the only downfall of this news.
  15. But at least we gots Rampage Jackson guiz
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  16. Why the fuck are talents like Chavo and Rob Terry still there and Ryan isn't? Ryan has more charisma in his pubic hair than Rob Terry has in his entire body.
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  17. ^ This. Forgot about Rob Terry. Fuck Rob Terry.

  18. :lol1: I agree his public hair is pretty awesome. Imagine what his private hair looks like :happy:
  19. Public hair :mog:
  20. Phone, get over it. Noobs.
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