News TNA Reportedly Tried To Sign ReyRey Last Week

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Prince Bálor, Jun 18, 2015.

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    Good. Go to LUG, Rey.
  2. Why what?

    TNA is a dying company.

    Also... LUG >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> TNA/RAW/SD
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  3. Why TNA trying to sing huge stars when they unable to pay talent on time?
    Fix that issue then sign stars.
  4. I'm disagreeing since you put RAW on TNA's level.
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  5. Rey to TNA?
  6. Why are these guys trying to sign these high dollar talents when they can't even pay the talent they have?

    Rey should go to ROH or AAA, i think he's in AAA at the moment.. LU is trash, TNA will be dead soon unfortunately, and WWE won't want him back.. Retiring might be the best thing for him actually, before he shatters his leg again and ends up crippled.
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  7. Rey Rey in my opinion should go to either Lucha Underground or AAA. And this doesn't surprise me that TNA tried to sign him lol.
  8. ReyRey is already in AAA, bro.
  9. Haha, I meant why for the entire thing, not just the LUG.

    If you're TNA, why would you sign Rey?
    -Not only is Mysterio not a hot commodity anymore, but when has TNA signing big names ever meant shit? No, Dixie, TV execs don't care about him being on your roster either.
    -Ex-WWE guys don't really get "over" to the same extent in TNA. They never do, because most TNA fans love seeing the homegrown guys take the ball and run with it. And I doubt he can completely reinvent himself the way Bully Ray did.
    -Rey's knees are done. At best that still limits his ability and prevents him from being in the X-Division. At best... well, the guy's been massively injury prone as of late.
    -TNA's a talk-heavy promotion and many of their biggest stars are stick guys. Rey can't talk, and we know he won't get good material.
    -all the backstage drama which y'all can fill in
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  10. Lucha is all Rey Rey, their fanbase won't feel insulted seeing a winner having to bounce off the middle rope to throw a clothesline.
  11. Talk about a lose/lose lol.

    ATTN: TNA: you don't need fucking Rey. You need to stop trying to cut corners, bite the bullet and dive down deeper into the crevasse and hope you can come out stronger later for it. But they've got to take a couple of steps back before they can try to build themselves back up.

    ATTN: REY: you don't need to be wrestling anymore dude. You are done. You were one of the best in the world for a solid decade+ but that was a long time ago bro. You suck now, just go sell masks to kids at meet n greets
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  12. Why would Rey want to spend his final years/days as a performer wasting away in an obscure promotion like TNA? Granted, it's not quite as bad as wasting a whole decade of your career that could have been better spent elsewhere like the way Sting did, but still. I also don't think it's worth the time to try and sign him anyway. TNA has signed a lot of big names before, and it did little to nothing for business. The best they could get out of it is making some decent revenue from selling Mysterio masks.

    Rey would be a much better fit in Lucha Underground.
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