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Late last year, TNA decided to bring on a new executive. Crithu was hired in early November of last year as the Chief Branding Officer. When asked about his position, he stated, "Although I was given the title of Cheif Branding Officer, I wear many hats backstage. I am Dixie Carter's right hand man. Dixie brings a passion to the company, and I bring the buisness expertise that is needed to take this company to the next level."

Although he has only been with the company, that didn't stop him from making any big decisions. After the recordings were finished for November, Crithu ceased all future TV Tapings. This wasn't huge news as Impact Wrestling had been dropped by Destination America, but Crithu was able to work out a deal to air the rebranded TNA Impact live on MTV every Wednesday night.

During the short shut down, the talent were unaware of their positions in the company. A few wrestlers were let go during this time. All Crithu had to say was, "This is a new time in TNA. We did release a couple of our roster members as we did feel they fit the new direction that we are taking the company. We wish them all the best in their future endeavors. However, when one door closes, another door opens. We have taken this opportunity and have been in negotiations with some of the top former talent, as well as some fresh talent who've never been in TNA before."

TNA Wrestling is set to return at the beginning of 2016. TNA Impact will be on a touring schedule. We will change locations every few weeks.

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******Do not view the rosters or title histories if you do not want spoilers on the first shows!******


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{slide=Tag Teams/Stables|center}The Wolves

Bram and Eric Young

Eli Drake and Micah

The Hardys


The Dollhouse

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******Do not view if you do not want spoilers*******

Ethan Carter III

Ethan Carter III........................July 1, 2015 - Present

Tigre Uno

Tigre Uno........................June 24, 2015 - Present

Bram and Eric Young

Bram and Eric Young..........................January 31, 2016 - Present
Vacant........................November 25, 2015 - January 31, 2016

AJ Lee

AJ Lee..................................January 31, 2016 - Present
Brooke........................July 15, 2015 - January 31, 2016
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January 06, 2016
Universal Studios - Orlando, Fl

After a several week hiatus, TNA Impact opens up with a brand new intro. After sweeping the crowd, the camera cuts to Josh Mathews and The Pope in the announcing area.

Josh Mathews: Good evening ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to the new and improved TNA Impact live from the Impact Zone at Universal Studios. I am Josh Mathews, and I will be calling the action tonight alongside my broadcast partner, The Pope.

The Pope: And man oh man is The Pope excited for tonight. TNA has had the best wrestling roster in the industry, and it has only gotten better.

Josh Mathews: It's hard to argue with you there. With a talent pool like this....

ECIII makes his way to the ring, followed closely by Tyrus.

Josh Mathews: As I was saying, with a talent pool like the one we have here in TNA, it will be an exciting road for TNA as we look to become the number one promotion in the world.

The Pope: That's right Josh, we are putting the pro wrestling back into sports entertainment!

We cut back to the ring where the TNA World Heavyweight Champion, ECIII has a mic in hand.

ECIII: Today marks the 196th day with ECIII as champion. 196....I believe that makes me the third longest reigning champion in history.

He looks at Tyrus for affirmation.

ECIII: 3rd! 16 other men have had the honor of holding this championship, and I am better than14 of them. But that is not good enough, no no no no. I am the greatest wrestler to ever grace this promotion, neigh this industry. I am better than your People's Champions, I am better than your Heart Break Kids, and I am better than your Macho Man's. I have defeated your Icons, I have defeated your Olympic Gold Medalists. Every person you have sent to me, I have beaten, and I will continue to sacrifice every person that you send to me until it is known that I am number one.

The majority of the crowd boos the wrestler in the ring.

ECIII: I am a Carter, I am destined to be at the top. Greatness runs in my blood! However, there are some of the more ignorant people backstage who don't believe that I should be where I am. Those people, the board of directors, are forcing me to defend my title tonight. I will be damned if I am giving a championship match to some ungrateful, undeserving....

I know it's a heel theme, but it's awesome so deal with it!

Dolph Ziggler makes his way out into the arena for the first time ever on Impact Wrestling. A huge reaction nearly blows the roof of the place as he makes his way to the ring. He grabs a mic and joins the champion in the ring.

The crowd begins to chant, “We love Ziggler!”

Dolph Ziggler: Damn that feels good! I've been out of action for a while, and I really miss that feeling. But there is one reason that I'm out here. I was sitting backstage when I heard that you needed an opponent for your Wold Heavyweight Championship. Who better than the show off Dolph Ziggler.

ECIII: Whoa, Whoa, Whoa! I don't know who you think you are, coming onto my show and demanding a shot at my championship. You may have thought you were hot where you came from, but here in TNA, you are nothing. You haven't proven that you are worthy of a match with me.

Dolph Ziggler: Not worthy, I don't think you were paying attention to who I said I was. I am Dolph Ziggler! I show off how good I am every time I step between these ropes. Whether its TNA, Global Force Wrestling, or some other company, it doesn't matter. I am good. I am damn good. I could dance circles around you in this ring.

He turns his attention to Tyrus.

Dolph Ziggler: And I could dance.....well maybe I can't dance as well as you can in the ring, but I can sure as hell out wrestle you. I don't need to prove myself, because everyone knows I am that damn good!

ECIII: Well I will take you offer into consideration.... Denied! However, I feel like there is someone who wants a match with you...

ECIII exits the ring as Eric Young makes his way to the ring for his match.


Eric Young vs Dolph Ziggler

This was a basic match with both competitors able to take control for part of the match. Eric Young tried to go extreme by introducing weapons, but Dolph Ziggler was able to stop him. Ziggler was able to get the win after hitting Young with a superkick.


We cut backstage where MVP and Kenny King are talking.

MVP: You have to understand the opportunity you have here. You are going to face the X Division champion. If you can get a win...

Kenny King: When I get the when!

MVP: Right, when you win, that will put you at the head of the pack for an X Division Championship match. And when I become TNA Heavyweight Champion, the BDC will rule TNA again.


The cameras head to a backstage area with Mike Tenay.

Mike Tenay: I am being joined tonight by one of the hot young tag teams that we have here in TNA, Eli Drake and Micah. Welcome Guys!

Eli Drake: Thanks for the intro Mike!

Mike Tenay: I have heard back in the locker room that you two may have an interest in the vacant tag team championships.

Eli Drake: We have our eyes set on the prize, and we are gonna win that prize.

Mike Tenay: So what makes you think that your tag team is worthy to hold those championships.

Micah: Right after The Rising was disbanded at the hands of the BDC, we faded into obscurity. People probably even forgot that we existed. So why do we deserve to be champions? It is simple, we were born to be champions. I am the son of Haku, pro wrestling runs in my blood. I will be damned if I will sit idly by as some Superstar takes what we deserve.

Eli Drake: We are not superstars, we are pro wrestlers. And we are here to take back the business.

Eli Drake and Micah walk out of the view of the camera, as the camera cuts back to the ring.


Kenny King w/ MVP vs Tigre Uno

MVP tried to get involved several times, but was only able to distract Tigre Uno a few times. Kenny King was able to pick up the win after a roll up on Tigre Uno.


The cameras cut back to the announcers.

The Pope: What an exciting night so far!

Josh Mathews: An exciting night indeed. After months of speculation on his future in the business, we have seen the debut of Dolph Ziggler here in TNA.

The Pope: And whether you think he deserves it or not, he is definitely coming in on the top.

Josh Mathews: If your asking me, I don't think that he deserves a title shot on his first night in the company.

The Pope: To each his own I guess, but I am getting word on another big announcement. Next week live on TNA Impact, we will see the return of the great Christopher Daniels into the Impact Zone.

Josh Mathews: And I'm sure he will make a big impact.

The Pope: How rude of him to interupt us while we are talking.

Josh Mathews: I don't think bram really cares who he offends. He is here for one man, and that's Bram.

Bram enters the ring and waits for the crowd to die down before he begins to speak.

Bram: Since the middle of last year, I have began running through opponent after opponent. TNA Legends have come to face me and all have fallen.

Boos ring out from the crowd.

Bram: Boo all you want! I am sick and tired of you all sending me pathetic wastes of space as my opponents. I need a real challenge. I am issuing a challenge to anyone in the back who thinks that they can hang with me in this ring.

Davey Richards: You have faced some of the best men in our industry, I'll agree with you there. But the one thing you haven't done is beaten the greatest tag team in pro wrestling, The Wolves!

Bram yells off the microphone “Let's go, I'll take both of you!”


Bram vs The Wolves

Bram was able to take control several time in the match. However, the numbers game caught up with him as the The Wolves won with The Force of Nature.


Taryn Terrell comes out, with Marti Bell and Jade in tow. They whisper to each other and then slide into the ring.

Taryn Terrell: Brooke has been the Knockout's Champion since she stole it from me last year. And she has found a way to weasel her way out of my rematch. I am the longest reigning Knockout's Champion in history, and the most attractive one might I add? I am officially declaring myself the new number one contender for the Knockout's Championship.

AJ Lee comes out to a huge pop which is only matched by the one Dolph Ziggler earned earlier in the night. She skips to the ring, a mic in hand.

AJ Lee: I don't think we've met, my name is AJ Lee. And like you, I was once champion. I was a champion for nearly 300 hundred days, which I believe is a little longer than you!

Taryn Terrell: Oh my gosh you guys, it's AJ Lee! AJ Lee has graced us with her presence.

She turns to the rest of the Dollhouse.

Taryn Terrell: It looks like we are just getting all of the other companies trash here in TNA.

She turns back to AJ Lee

Taryn Terrell: Let me tell you something. You mean nothing here. You are nothing. I am the ruler of the Knockout's Division, and there is no room for some Diva.

AJ Lee laughs

AJ Lee: I left a locker room full of Divas, because I wanted to find some real competition. I was told that the Knockout's are the greatest Women's Division on the planet, yet when I show up, all I see is a bunch of Diva knockoffs! I am here to revolutionize this division, and bring it back to its former glory. Therefore, I think that I should be the number one contender.

Taryn Terrell: When I beat you, I will be the number one contender!


AJ Lee vs Taryn Terrell w/ Marti Bell and Jade

In what was probably one of the best women's matches seen on TV in along time, AJ Lee won her debut TNA match when Taryn Terrell tapped out to Black Widow.


We see Bobby Roode backstage talking on his phone.

Bobby Roode: Really? That's great news.....yeah I'm ready.......right now?

He hangs up the phone and heads starts to head out.

Cameraman: Bobby Roode! Who was on the phone there?

Bobby Roode: Let's just say that I got some good news on the phone. I'm gonna head out now!


Bobby Roode vs ECIII w/ Tyrus

Tyrus was able to prevent Bobby Roode from catching ECIII as he ran backstage with the TNA Heavyweight Championship. Roode got the win via count out, however, ECIII retained his championship.


Bobby Roode was visibly upset after the match. He quickly turned his attention to Tyrus who was still at ringside. After sliding out of the ring, Roode nailed Tyrus in the back. Tyrus and Roode began a mini brawl until Tyrus was able to create enough space to escape backstage.

The Show closes out with the crowd chanting for Roode as he stands on the stage.


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January 13, 2016
Universal Studios - Orlando, Fl

TNA Impact opens up with the regular show intro. The cameras sweep across an even bigger crowd then the week before. Quickly after, the camera cuts Josh Mathews and The Pope in the announcing area.

Josh Mathews: Good evening ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to another live edition of TNA Impact. I am Josh Mathews along side the Pope. What's going on Pope?

The Pope: What's going on? There is actually quite a bit going on this week. There were apparently a lot of talk backstage with the Impact Top 5 list that was posted this week. Some people are happy, others are upset....

Josh Mathews: How could anyone be upset? I think that they got it right this week. Well everyone except for Ziggler. This guy has had one match in TNA, and he is already in the top 5? He doesn't deserve to be anywhere near the top 5, especially number 2?

The Pope: Well Josh, he has proven himself to be World Champion material in other promotions. You should know Josh...

Josh Mathews: Yeah, but you need to prove yourself here, before you get anywhere near the championship. It's about respect, and Dolph Ziggler has no respect for our championship.

Bobby Roode comes out to a good pop. He makes his way to the ring.

The Pope: Speaking of the Impact Top 5, here comes the man that currently sits at number one on that list, Bobby Roode.

Josh Mathews: This is a man that earned his spot in the Top 5. He has been fighting in a TNA ring for years.

Bobby Roode grabs a mic and enters the ring.

Bobby Roode: I have been in this company going on 12 years now. I have seen every man who has held the TNA World Championship. There have been some greats that have held that championship. Names like Sting and Kurt Angle come to mind. And with all those, only one man is on top, and his name is Bobby Roode. I am the longest reigning TNA World Heavyweight Champion in history, I have taken my place among the greats. And now.....and now I am back where I belong. Number one! As in number one contender...

Dolph Ziggler makes his way to the ring to a big pop.

Dolph Ziggler: I'll admit it, you did make number one on the first Impact Top 5 of the year. That is impressive. However, I'm not really sure how. As I recall, you were unsuccessful in you TNA Heavyweight Championship match last week. As for me, I won last week. In my eyes, that puts me ahead of you.

Bobby Roode: Woah, woah, woah! You won one match last week, that's great. But here, here in TNA, you are still a rookie. You should count your blessings that you were even able to break the top 5, let along come in second to me!

Dolph Ziggler: I am the show off Dolph Ziggler, and I am second to no man. I leave it all in the ring every damn night, and I prove that Dolph Ziggler is the best professional wrestler in the World! I proved it last week, and I can prove it to you tonight!

Bobby Roode: You got yourself a match. But be prepared, because you've never stepped in the ring with someone as good as the “It” factor!

Bobby Roode drops his mic and climbs out of the ring.

Dolph Ziggler: And one more thing, Bobby. When I win, I will be the number one contender for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship.

Roode grins and makes his way backstage.

Tigre Uno vs Rockstar Spud

Rockstar Spud put up a hell of a fight against the X Division Champion, leaving the crowd split on who to cheer for. Tigre Uno was able to get the three count after a Sabertooth Splash.


Kenny King makes his way onto the stage with a microphone in his hand.

Kenny King: Cut the music! Cut the music! Do any of you pathetic people sitting out there really think that the man in the ring is championship material? How he even managed to get his paws on my title is beyond me. I'm just here to tell you to enjoy it while it lasts, because I beat you last week which puts me in line for an X Division Championship match.

Kenny King drops the mic.


Huge pop welcomes the fallen angel back into the impact zone. He appears to very happy with the reaction that he received.

Christopher Daniels: I have never been mediocre in my life. And yet, when I left TNA wrestling, I began to drift away from the man I was. I had to step back, and take a hard look at myself. Where did things go wrong, why had I become a shell of my former self? I realized that I had lost my passion. But I hadn't lost my passion for professional wrestling, I had lost my passion for what the industry had become. The business has become predictable. And that's where I come in. I am here to bring a little bit of unpredictability back to TNA. So make sure that you keep an eye on the Fallen Angel, Christopher Daniels!


Christopher Daniels vs Crazzy Steve

I wish I could say that this was an evenly balanced match, however it wasn't. Although Crazzy Steve was able to get in a few moves, Christopher Daniels picked up a quick win with the Angel's Wings.


Alex Koslov gets big heat as he makes his way down the ramp. He grabs a microphone on his way into the ring.

Alex Koslov: I came here to America because it is the land of opportunity, and I have been here for a whole week. And if you ask me, that is one week too much!

The crowd boos, but Koslov continues without their approval.

Alex Koslov: I came here expecting to find new competition. What I found was a bunch of overweight, underachieving, lazy Americans. But what can you expect from a collapsing country.

A big pop for the American hero as he makes his way out into the impact zone with a microphone in hand.

Chris Melendez: Listen here, I gave my life for this country so that everyone could enjoy their rights, including their freedom of speech. But as soon as you come out here and insult the very country that men and women have lost their lives to protect, that's where I draw the line. If you don't like it in America than you can leave, if not, I'm gonna come down to that ring and stick my made in the USA, size 12 boots straight up your foreign ass!

Chris Melendez runs down the ramp and slides into the ring. However, he is met with several stomps before he can even make it to his feet. Alex Koslov continues the assault as the crowd becomes loud with anger. He locks in the bridged cobra clutch. Eventually, he breaks the hold. He leaves the ring, giving Melendez one more kick for good measure.


AJ Lee vs Gail Kim

Yet another example of what true women's wrestling is supposed to be. These two women had a battle, but it was the newest Knockout, AJ Lee who was able to pick up the submission victory with the Black Widow.


Brooke stands on the stage, near the announcing booth. She lifts up the Knockout's Championship and poses as AJ Lee stands tall in the ring.


Bram makes his way out with a steel chair. He appears to be enraged by the events that took place last week. He makes his way to the ring, slamming the chair into the barriers along the way to give the crowd a scare.

Bram: No, No, No! That didn't happen! Last week, those two wastes of space got their one fluke victory. I am done playing games now. Davey Richards, Eddie Edwards get your asses out here.

He waits for a few seconds.

Bram: I'm not joking. If you don't get out here right now, I'm coming back there to find you! And when I do, I gonna take this here, steel chair, and smash both of your faces with it. Let's Go!

Davey Richards: Woah, Woah, calm yourself there fella. We know that if we come to the ring right now, somebody's getting hurt.

Eddie Edwards: And we wouldn't want to do that to you.

Bram is seen getting visually frustrated.

Davey Richards: We will give you a match, next week.

Eddie Edwards: And it will be a tag team match. Best of luck finding a partner.

Bram begins yelling, “I don't need a partner, I need nobody!” He starts slamming the steel chair around in the ring as The Wolves music plays.


Lashley vs Drew Galloway

After the several moments of back and forth, both men had a chance to lead the action. Lashley was able to pick up the win off of a massive spear.


Lashley raises his hands high in celebration. The crowd cheers him on. He turns his attention back to Galloway. He helps Drew Galloway up, and then raises his hand as well. Galloway looks on as Lashley makes his way backstage.


Out comes MVP, who heads to the ring as the heat pours in from the crowd.

MVP: I could come out here and bitch and moan how I am number 5 on the Impact Top 5 list. But no, that's not what I'm gonna do! What I'm gonna do is what I do best. I'm gonna take what's mine. I don't care if Bobby Roode wins, and I don't care if that booty shakin', bellyaching Dolph Ziggler wins tonight. Because when it comes time for Genesis, you can be damn sure that it will be MVP who is walking into that championship match.

Mr. Anderson makes his way out. The microphone drops down from the rafters and he begins to speak after a quick intro.

Mr. Anderson: Stop, shut your damn mouth! I am tired, just like all of these people, of hearing you come out here every week and run your mouth.

MVP: Woah, woah, woah! Run my mouth? I don't run my mouth, I just come out here and tell the truth. I say what needs to be said, and what many in the back are to scared to say.

Mr. Anderson: I am the biggest mouth in the whole damn company, and I know when someone is running their mouth. So you have two options. You can either shut your mouth, or I'll shut it for you.

MVP: I'll admit, those are both very intriguing offers. But I think I'm gonna go with option three.

Kenny King comes running from behind and knocks Mr. Anderson down. He continues the beat down, and MVP joins in with him. They finally stop after Mr. Anderson is unconscious.

MVP: Maybe you'll learn not to run your mouth!

The BDC leaves the arena.


The Pope: Can someone get the man some help?

Josh Mathews: Maybe they're busy! But you know what the best cure is? Keeping your mouth shut. Mr. Anderson came out here yapping about who knows what, and he got what he deserved.

The Pope: Well we are gonna stop you right there Josh. Here comes the champ.

Josh Mathews: You can't forget Tyrus.

The Pope: Nobody can forget a beast like Tyrus. And it appears that the champ will be joining us.

Josh Mathews: A welcome to EC3! What brings the champ out to join us?

EC3: Thanks Josh. I'm out here to keep an eye on the competition. If these men are fighting for a number one contender spot for my championship, then I will be facing one of them.

Josh Mathews: Very smart. You can learn what their strengths are, and more importantly, their weaknesses.

EC3: Exactly!

The Pope: So The Pope has a question for the champ. Which would you rather face, Bobby Roode or Dolph Ziggler?

EC3: Let me tell you something, I don't give a damn. I, EC3 am the greatest professional wrestler in the world. I don't care if Bobby Roode wins, I have beaten his ass before. And if Dolph Ziggler wins, I have no problem showing great I can be! No matter who wins tonight, EC3 is walking in, and out of Genesis as the TNA World Heavyweight Champion.


Dolph Ziggler vs Bobby Roode
Number One Contender's Match for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship

Dolph Ziggler and Bobby Roode left it all in the ring. EC3 couldn't help but get involved in the match after Tyrus knocked out the referee. EC3 attacked both competitors, and was about to go for a One Percenter on Ziggler, when Christopher Daniels came in for the save. After sending EC3 running, Christopher Daniels helps up Ziggler, only to hit him with the Angel's Wings. Bobby Roode was able to pick up the pin after the ref regained consciousness.


Bobby Roode rolls out of the ring, and he slowly makes his way to the back, tending to the injuries he ensued from the attack. Christopher Daniels stands, smirking at ringside. He walks around the ring until he reaches Jeremy Borash.

Christopher Daniels: Get up....Move!

He pushes Borash out of the way and grabs his chair before reentering the ring. He preys above Dolph Ziggler as Ziggler trys to muster enough energy to get up off the mat. As soon as Ziggler's body would leave the mat, he would be met with a shot from the steel chair. After several shots, Daniels tosses the chair on top of Ziggler's lifeless body. He makes his way up the ramp. The show ends with Daniels posing on the stage.


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Since the reboot, it has been our goal to deliver the best wrestling product that is available on television. We are, however, unable to showcase all of our remarkable talent that we have here at Total Nonstop Action Wrestling in the time that we have alotted for our Impact Wrestling broadcast. We have contemplated adding an extra hour of action to Impact, but as other companies have shown, a three hour broadcast can be overbearing and lead to a weak product. In order to better represent all of our talent we will be adding a second show to our lineup. TNA Wrestling will be resuming our taping of TNA Xplosion. This one hour show will air on Thursays on a biweekly basis, and will be available on tv in select markets and on in all markets. The first airing will begin February 4, 2016. We are excited to have another opportunity to show our fans why we are the real number one wrestling promotion.


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January 20, 2016
Universal Studios - Orlando, Fl

The short TNA bumper video plays followed by the Impact intro. After a quick scan of the audience, we join Josh Mathews and The Pope in the announcing area.

Josh Mathews: Good evening ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to the hottest product in professional wrestling, TNA Impact.

The Pope: And that's something that we have proved over the last couple of weeks, and something that we look to continue prove moving forward.

Josh Mathews: Well Pope, tonight's surely not gonna disappoint. We will see the Knockout's Champion Brooke in action for the first time since the reboot of TNA Impact.

The Pope: And you can't forget that both Bobby Roode and ECIII will meet in the ring tonight for a contract signing.

Josh Mathews: How could anyone forget? I've been waiting for this moment since it was announced earlier this week on

Christopher Daniels makes his way out into the impact zone. He receives massive heat from the crowd as he makes his way down the ramp and into the ring.

Christopher Daniels: All week I have received tweets, emails, text messages, even hand written letter, and they all have said the exact same thing. Why? Why did I do what I did last week? And I thought, I thought the answer was obvious. I have payed my dues in professional wrestling, and I have payed my dues in TNA. I have won championships, and I have headlined PPV's. I've done everything that was needed to be on top, and I've done everything to be the man, but I've never been able to be the TNA Heavyweight Champion. And then this guy just walks in to TNA, and he decides that he is deserving of a title shot. A title shot that I have dedicated my whole career to achieving, and he just walks in and is handed an opportunity.

Huge pop for the show off as he makes his way into the Impact Zone. He stands on the stage, near the top of the ramp, with a microphone in hand.

Dolph Ziggler: Sorry to interrupt your heartfelt speech, but I figured now was as good of time as any to come out here. You keep talking about this guy, and I realized that we haven't been introduced. My name is Dolph Ziggler, and I'm that guy. But I'm also the guy who has been to the top. I am a former two time world champion. I may not have been fighting in TNA my whole career, but I have proven myself in this industry.

Christopher Daniels: Proven yourself? You want to talk about proving yourself? I was leaving my blood, sweat, and tears in this very ring before you even started wrestling. You may have a lot of accomplishments in your career, but it doesn't mean that you earned any of them. I think that you are a sub par wrestler who rides the coattails of people who are better then you just to get an opportunity.

Dolph Ziggler nods his head and looks at the audience as they respond to Christopher Daniels comments.

Dolph Ziggler: I know you put a lot of effort into that aside there, but I don't give a damn about what you think about me. I am, however, upset about what transpired last week. You cost me my shot at the TNA World Heavyweight Championship because you are angry at yourself for not being quite good enough. But I will get my chance at redemption as the TNA Board of Directors have granted me a match against you...tonight.

Dolph Ziggler drops his microphone and leaves the Impact Zone as his music blasts throughout the arena.


Mandrews vs Alex Koslov

Alex Koslov made quick work of Mandrews. After a nearly one sided bout, Mandrews tapped out after Koslov was able to hit the Red Scare.


Alex Koslov demands a microphone. After ripping the mic out of Jeremy Borash's hand, he returns to his position standing tall above his fallen opponent.

Alex Koslov: Do you see? Do you see what I did?

Boos ring out from the audience.

Alex Koslov: I took this man, and I sacrificed him in the name of Russia. I stand tall over him, just as Russia stands tall over the rest of the world. And last week, I showed Russia's dominance of America by beating that pathetic man Chris Melendez. Speaking of which, if a man that you guys expect to protect your country can be defeated so easily, then that proves just how pathetic you Americans truly are.

Chris Melendez: Hold up one second. The way I see it is that last week, instead of fighting me man to man, you decided to attack before I could even enter the ring. So what do you say I come into that ring, and we talk face to face.

The crowd cheers as Melendez runs to the ring. However, Koslov doesn't give the veteran a chance as he rolls out of the ring as Melendez slides into it. Koslov shakes his head as he makes his way up the ramp.

Chris Melendez: You're just like a Russian, running away as soon as the Americans show up. But you know what? I'll let you run away today, because I just got word that at Genesis it'll be Chris Melendez versus Alex Koslov!

Chris Melendez drops the mic in the middle of the ring as he and Koslov exchange glances.


Brooke vs Marti Belle w/ Taryn Terrell and Jade

Brooke kept control for a majority of the match, however, Marti Belle was able to take control after a few distractions from the rest of the dollhouse. Marti Belle finally picked up the win after Brooke's Genesis opponent, AJ Lee, skipped to the ring for the distraction.


AJ Lee intercepts Jeremy Borash on his way to the ring, and grabs the TNA Knockout's Championship from him. She places the title on her shoulder and continues to skip around at ringside. Brooke uses the ropes to aide herself up as AJ Lee skips up the ramp. She poses with the belt once more and then sets it down on the stage before skipping backstage.



Kenny King vs DJ Z w/ Robbie E

This was a match that showed off the talent that the X Division offers. After several moments of back and forth and a few moments of hope for DJ Z, Kenny King picked up the victory after hitting the Royal Flush.


Kenny King kicks DJ Z out of the ring, and Robbie E helps him backstage. King makes his way onto the middle ropes to celebrate his victory.

Tigre Uno comes out onto the stage as the crowd shows their support of the Mexican luchadore. Tigre Uno removes the X Divsion Championship from his waist and raises it high into the air for everyone in the Impact Zone, and more importantly his opponent for Genesis, to see. Kenny King makes a motion toward his waste, signally that he is gunning for the X Division Championship.


The cameras cut to a backstage area, where TNA interviewer Mike Tenay is waiting with a microphone in hand.

Mike Tenay: Ladies and Gentlemen, my guest at this time... Mr. Anderson.

Mr. Anderson walks into the frame, and joins Tenay.

Mike Tenay: What are your thought on what happened between you and MVP last week?

Mr. Anderson: I am a loud mouth, everybody knows it. So when I don't have much to say, you know that I am really pissed. Last week, last week MVP showed exactly the kind of man that he is. Instead of facing me face to face, he sent in his little lackey to attack me from behind. MVP, you may think that you showed that your the bigger man, but all you really showed is that your balls are smaller than we all thought.

Mr. Anderson pushes the microphone back into Mike Tenay's chest and walks out. The camera shows Mike Tenay standing solitary before cutting back to the ring.


The Wolves come out to a decent pop. They make their way to ring and pose for the fans. They stand eagerly, waiting for their opponent.

Bram: Whoa, whoa, cut the music! I think we all know that I am pissed off. I am pissed off because you two have put off the beating that I am going to give you. You had to sent me on a hunt to find a tag team partner just so I could get a chance to lay my hands on you. And that wasn't easy. It wasn't easy finding someone who had my desire to rip through the competition. Someone who finds the pleasure in others' pain. But guess what! I found him.

Bram drops his mic onto the stage, and waits for a few seconds.

Eric Young comes out with the crazy look on his face that he has been known for. He joins Bram at the top of the ramp. They exchange a slight glance before making their way to the ring.


The Wolves vs Bram and Eric Young

The Wolves started off in control of this match which was expected from a team with so much experience. Bram and Eric Young were able to isolate Richards from his partner, and Bram won the match after hitting the Brighter Side of Suffering.



Josh Mathews: Well it's official, we are just under two weeks away from the first PPV of the year.

The Pope: And it's shaking up to be an exiting one at that. We have already confirmed that AJ Lee and Brooke will be facing off at Genesis, and earlier this evening Chris Melendez informed us that he will be facing Alex Koslov as well.

Josh Mathews: And we are about to add a third match into the mix. We are gonna head to the ring, where Jeremy Borash is waiting to begin the contract signing between EC3 and Bobby Roode.

We cut to the middle of the ring where Jeremy Borash is standing next to a table.

Jeremy Borash: Ladies and Gentlemen, the following is contract signing for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. Introducing first, the champion, Ethan Carter the third, EC3.

EC3 makes his entrance with the TNA Wold Heavyweight Championship hanging on his shoulder. Following close behind, Tyrus parts the ropes as the champion enters the ring and grabs the microphone from Borash. The champ admires his championship before handing it to his larger counterpart. Tyrus hoists the title belt into the air as EC3 begins to speak.

EC3: I have done everything since I joined this company. I have faced superstars, legends, icon, Olympic gold medalists, and I have defeated them all. I have proved something that I've always known, and that you have always doubted, that EC3 is the best in professional wrestling.

You can't wrestle” chants ring out throughout the Impact Zone.

EC3: I can't wrestle? I CAN'T WRESTLE? Why don't you ask Kurt Angle if I can wrestle? How about Sting? That's right, all of these people, your idols, have all fallen before the great EC3.

Bobby Roode makes his way out with a microphone in hand.

Bobby Roode: Cut the music!

The crowd cheers for the challenger.

Bobby Roode: I was sitting in the back, twiddling my thumbs, waiting for Mr. Borash here to call my name. But a man can only take so much before he has no choice but to take care of it.

Bobby Roode enters the ring and stands on the opposite side of the table of EC3.

Bobby Roode: And EC3, I am surprised your teeth are so white considering the amount crap I've heard you spew out of your mouth here tonight. All I've heard about since you joined this company is how much better you are than everyone else. But as I recall, you are not the best. You are not the longest reigning champion in history are you? Do you know who that man is?

EC3: Yeah, yeah, yeah. I'll admit that you where able to hold the title for a remarkably long time with the little talent that you posses. There was just one problem with the your title reign, and that was that I, EC3, wasn't there. We all know that before EC3 arrived in TNA, the competition was weak. It wasn't until a true one percenter came in that everyone decided to step up their game.

Roode and EC3 move closer to each other, engaging in a face off.

Jeremy Borash: Alright gentlemen! I'm going to ask that you keep this civil and do what we need to do here. I would like to ask you both to sign the contract.

Bobby Roode grabs the contract and signs it quickly. EC3 then rips the contract out of Bobby Roodes hands. EC3 scribbles his name down on the clipboard.

Jeremy Borash: Thank you gentlemen.

Bobby Roode turns to leave the ring. EC3 throws the clipboard at Roode, and then Tyrus grabs the table and throws it on Roode. Roode charges at EC3, but is dropped by Tyrus. EC3 grabs his title and slithers out of the ring. Roode is able to make it back to his feet and dodge a few attacks from Tyrus. Roode grabs Tyrus and plants him in the ring with a Roode Bomb.

Bobby Roode locks eyes with the champ, who is now on stage. EC3 smirks as he hoists the TNA Heavyweight Championship into the air. Bobby Roode keeps his eyes locked on EC3 for a moment, and then turns his attention back to the big man who is down in the ring. He walks over to Tyrus, and begins to pick him up. He then pauses and drops the monster back to the mat. Roode walks to the corner and grabs the table. He drags the table to the center of the ring and positions it perfectly. He grabs Tyrus once again and sets him up. Roode Bomb through the table! Bobby Roode's music blasts throughout the Impact Zone as he makes his way to the back.


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Dolph Ziggler vs. Christopher Daniels

This match was a shorter match than expected. Fans who wanted to see a fair match between the two will have to wait, as Christopher Daniels ended up with the loss here via DQ. He made use of a steel chair during the match, which left the ref with no choice.


Christopher Daniels throws the chair down in middle of the ring and grabs Ziggler before he can roll out of the ring. He picks up Ziggler and positions him to hit the Angel's Wings onto the steel chair. The Fallen Angel leaves the ring with a grin on his face. The show ends with a shot of Zigglers lifeless body in the middle of the ring.


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The Lunatic Fringe
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958.62 said:
Is TNA at it again?
According to Dave Meltzer, several WWE superstars are nearing the end of the their contracts with WWE. These unamed talents have been presented with new WWE contracts, which they have yet to sign. This has no doubt caught the eye of Total Nonstop Action Wrestling. We've had several reports that state that TNA has reached out to several of these talents in hopes of bringing them over to the TNA roster.

Dixie Carter, as well as several other members of the TNA board of directors, has been contacted about the reports. As of this morning, we have had no response. This means that all we are left to do is speculate on whether or not these rumors are indeed true, and if they are, who TNA could possibly be trying to contact. Leave your comments below.

We will update you as soon as we learn more on the situation.


The Lunatic Fringe
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[fieldset=Matches]- The BDC, MVP and Kenny King, are back teaming with each other as they take on their respective Genesis opponents, Mr. Anderson and Tigre Uno.
- TNA Knockout's Champion, Brooke, will get a chance at redemption against Gail Kim after suffering a loss to her last week. Will she pick up the win, or will the Knockout's number one contender, AJ Lee, cost her another victory?
- TNA's newest Tag Team, Eric Young and Bram, will be in action against the BroMans, DJ Z and Robbie E. [/fieldset]

[fieldset=Matches]- TNA World Heavyweight Championship - EC3 (c) vs Bobby Roode
- TNA X Division Championship - Tigre Uno (c) vs Kenny King
- TNA Tag Team Championships (vacant) - The Wolves vs Bram and Eric Young
- TNA Knockout's Championship - Brooke vs AJ Lee
- Chairs Match - Dolph Ziggler vs Christopher Daniels
- MVP vs Mr. Anderson
- Alex Koslov vs Chris Melendez [/fieldset]

[fieldset=Matches]TNA Xplosion is set to reboot in week following Genesis. The first match for the show has been set. The returning Manik will be in action against TNA's Japanese Star, The Great Sanada. Make sure to check out TNA's exciting new product, and stay tuned as more matches are announced. [/fieldset]

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