TNA returning to the Impact Zone... (in February)

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Snowman, Jan 28, 2015.

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    official impact press release
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  2. This is good news, I guess.

    Hopefully some very special guests include some new signings and such, but we'll see. This should be good.
  3. Definitely agree with it being good news, no matter how much @Testify disagrees.

    First off, it's not like it's a downsize in crowd quality at all. The recent Impact crowds have been absolutely atrocious, and it can only go up, right?

    If this saves them money, hopefully they can invest that money into the roster. Yay!
  4. The roster is my biggest issue at the moment, it's got a solid amount of strengths to it but the weaknesses almost coincide directly with that number.. I feel like adding Justin Gabriel might be a smart move; hard worker, decently known amongst the wrestling community and the contract wouldn't cost that much at all I imagine.

    You're right Snow about the "only way to go is up" mentality.. I really don't think it's bad news by any means, it certainly isn't great news but hey we'll see how the whole grouping of days plays out.
  5. How is this good news? Not every press release is "good news", ffs. Did you forget the piece of shit venue and plants/turists that was Impact Zone, that cancer of pro-wrestling?
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  6. OMG?! What's TNA doing in the Impact Zone?!
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  7. At least we'll be able to see the crowds (then again, NYC crowds have been louder), production value should be better and uhh... Impact has somewhere to do shows, I guess?

    I don't like how admission is free. I mean, yeah, people come in and enjoy it, most likely buying merchandise, but then again they're mostly going to be non-wrestling fans, right? After the UK tour crowds, I don't want to have to go back to this.
  8. Did you forget the piece of shit venue and nobody that was the place they've been since they came back?
  9. Well, the news only really say they'll tape ONO and xplosion there, don't think it said anything about Impact.
  10. At least they're real, paying customers, all 300 of them.
  11. According to this, no Impact Wrestling tv tapings are happening? I would be okay with one or two, but it appears as if they will look towards a proper venue where they can get paying customers. The ONO PPVs could be good and will be aired free throughout the year on Challenge for me, which is good. No idea what The TNA Classic is, and will they be signing anyone on Gutcheck? Muta could be fun, too.
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