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  1. Since TNA and ROH have had a working relationship in the past, do you think there's any chance of a super card in the future? AJ/Generico, Angle/Steen, Roode/Richards, etc. Could be a big money maker for both companies.
  2. No, probably not.
  3. Would love it, but I doubt it.
  4. TNA cut all ties with ROH after ROH's original owner was framed for some kind of sex offense (I think pedophilia). I doubt they will want to do business with them again.
  5. There won't be any TNA/ROH business as long as mr. :cornette: is a ROH official (yes, he's still with them).
  6. I'd like to see TNA get a working relationship with DGUSA-EVOLVE. It would mean we could get Samoa Joe vs Sami Callihan and Gargano vs Aries. Also Chuck Taylor vs EY
  7. DGate has a relationship with ROH though. I'd like to see them all interact with each other.
  8. There isn't a relationship between DGUSA and ROH anymore I believe. Davey Richards kinda shat on that.
  9. Really? What did he do?
  10. He was contracted to Evolve but broke it to go back to ROH back in 08-09 I believe. DGUSA and ROH don't do much when it comes to talent exchange now at all.
  11. Oh right nevermind. I was thinking of PWG, got them confused with DGUSA, sorry. This old brain :upset:
  12. Would be awesome, but doubt it. The only way I could think of is in an indie show and if it's not taped. :sad1:
  13. Pretty much, it happened in January 2010. It's Davey being Davey. The only place where you can see ROH vs. DGUSA is PWG, because Super Dragon doesn't take shit from anyone.
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