TNA Scores Highest Impact Wrestling Rating in Nearly Six Months

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  1. Interesting it had to be of course the in return of A.J Styles though.
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    Q1: Impact opened with a show-high 1.24 rating for AJ Styles signing Dixie Carter’s one-night contract to face Magnus, plus one commercial.

    Q2: Impact dipped to a 1.20 rating for Bro Mans vs. Joseph Park & Eric Young, Dixie/Joe backstage, and one commercial.

    Q3: Impact dipped to a 1.16 rating for James Storm challenging Gunner to a match at Genesis, one commercial, Samoa Joe vs. Ethan Carter III, and Kurt Angle backstage.

    Q4: Impact dipped to a show-low 1.10 rating for backstage chaos, intros for the steel cage match, and two commercial breaks.

    Q5: Impact jumped to a 1.21 rating for Kurt Angle vs. Bad Influence in a handicap steel cage match, Dixie/Roode backstage, and one commercial.

    Q6: Impact dipped to a 1.19 rating for Bobby Roode vs. Sting in a steel cage match, one commercial, and the funeral home segment with Bully Ray and Mr. Anderson.

    Q7: Impact dipped to a 1.12 rating for Dixie/Sting backstage, one commercial, and the first-half of AJ Styles vs. Magnus in a World Title unification match.

    Q8: Impact rebounded to a 1.19 rating for the second-half of Styles-Magnus, plus one mid-match commercial.

    Overall rating: 1.18
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