TNA Scraps House Shows?

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    Talk TNA Podcast are reporting that TNA's live events are on hiatus for the foreseeable future. TNA plans on focusing on TV for now. A number of staff who were involved in live events were let go last week.

    I'd say smart move, they probably should've done this last year. We all saw the horrible attendance numbers for house shows, so it's no wonder.

    TNA always does fairly decent and good numbers for TV tapings, but 75% of house shows attendances were just plain horrible. Part of it is because they were going to fucking absolute never-ever-heard suckholes.
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  2. I know it's cynical but also they'll be able to pay the guys less now won't they? I don't think they have many guys on guaranteed money so cutting the date does make sense in that regards also. Having less money coming out of the talent budget, a further reduced schedule and the chance to work indys (providing they lift/ have lifted the pathetic thing about DVDs and IPPVs) seems like a good deal for everyone.
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  3. Yeah, I was wondering why they hadn't done that before. I mean, they must've been losing money on those shows where they drew like 200 people or something, when you consider the wrestlers' pay and the venue rent. If they weren't going to promote them or run decent markets, I figured they might as well get rid of them altogether. Good riddance.
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