TNA secures Challenge TV deal

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    Sounds cool for us in the UK and the fact we will get to see Impact on the 30th before everyone else seems very interesting. Your thoughts?
  2. Good news, obv.

    Besides watching everything free, you also get a live IMPACT episode from Glasgow on 1/30, before everyone else sees it? Lucky mofos.
  3. This is brilliant. We pretty much get all of TNA's shows (PPVs included) for free - and for us to get all of that like 3 days after US does, that's a great deal. TNA has a great audience with British fans and it's only going to get better. The only reason why I've ever even gone to Challenge is because of TNA too, so Challenge have gotten themselves their own fantastic bargain.
  4. Hell yeah they do and hell yeah it will I'm from the United States but I went to Glasgow for a few days and during that time there happened to be TNA show there, I was pretty astounded at how hyped the crowd was and how large it was.
  5. Samalan is such a fun name. Anyway good news for TFA they're so going out of buildness now Dixie should just get that plugged pulled right @BrockLesnarFanForLife ? Challenge isn't a great channel but it's free on most (possibly all basic packages) so most houses will have to have it with the digital switchover happening in the next few year especially. I wish they'd bring back old school impacts though, they had a dope run for a while where mon - fri had an impact from 08 on every day with the latest show on Sat I think it was around 2011.
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