News TNA shooting live from Glasgow next year

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  3. Great news, you UK motherfuckers should really find a way to get yourselves there.
  4. Also, rumor has it that TNA is interested in signing 19-year-old Scottish wrestler Noam Dar.

    Dar is highly regarded as one of the brightest young stars in British wrestling today. Most notably, Dar won rave reviews for his performance against AJ Styles in the main event of a Pro Wrestling Elite show last year in Scotland. According to an article by The Glaswegian, Styles put over Dar as a breakout star likely to be signed by a major American wrestling company within the next five years.

    Dar has re-tweeted multiple fan tweets expressing support for the possibility of being signed by TNA. This also comes on the heels of Dixie Carter announcing a historic Live TV taping at the new Hydro arena in Glasgow for next year.
  5. The crowd will be ELECTRIC. Guaranteed.
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